Guiding Principles for Conference Organizers

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Guiding Principles for Conference Organizers

Wan-Chi Siuby Wan-Chi Siu (IEEE SPS VP-Conferences) The IEEE Signal Processing Society has a long and celebrated history of sponsoring high-quality and enjoyable conferences. This accolade can be attributed to the many esteemed volunteers who have dedicated much of their time and expertise to SPS conferences. Organizing a conference today is not as it was many years ago. The IEEE and the Society have made many changes to policies and procedures in recent years. Also conferences are more important to the Society’s well-being than it was years ago when many of SPS conferences and workshops started. With these changes there is a greater level of scrutiny needed over the conference planning process to ensure that the integrity and quality of SPS conference remains and continues to be the highest possible. In response to the changes to the SPS conference planning experience, the Guiding Principles for Conference Organizers was created and subsequently approved for distribution to all SPS Conference Organizers. The new guideline is effective immediately. The Society’s objective is, and always has been, to provide the best signal processing conferences to our members. We can only continue to do this with our volunteer conference organizers support. If there are any questions regarding our new guidelines, please send me a note. Yours very truly,


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