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Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing


Awards Subcommittee


1: Homer Chen (12/31/2026) (1st)

2: André Kaup (12/31/2025) (1st)


1: Junsong Yuan (12/31/2026) (2nd)

2: Moncef Gabbouj (12/31/2025) (2nd)

3: Mei Han (12/31/2024) (1st)


  • Issue open calls for SPS awards and nominations.
  • Manage awards voting among TC members and identify endorsed nominations.
  • Submit endorsed nominations to SPS Awards Board.

Conferences & Workshops Subcommittee


1: Eduardo Antônio Barros da Silva (12/31/2024) (2nd)

2: Guangtao Zhai (12/31/2024) (1st)


1: Guo-Jun Qi (12/31/2025) (2nd)

2: Nicola Conci (12/31/2025) (1st)

3: Ercan E. Kuruoglu (12/31/2022) (1st)

4: Yong Man Ro (12/31/2025) (2nd)

5: Alexandros Iosifidis (12/31/2026) (1st)


  • Maintain lists of Area Chairs and reviewers for IVMSP areas in ICIP, ICASSP, and the IVMSP workshop.
  • Propose recommendations for the improvement of the paper handling and review processes in IVMSP related conferences.
  • Area Chair and Reviewer Coordination, Challenges, Competitions.
  • The “Challenges Task Force” to be tasked with evaluating Signal Processing Cup and Video and Image Processing Cup proposals, liaising with the SPS Challenge Program and proposing challenge competitions demonstrating and benchmarking advances in image, video and multidimensional signal processing technology.
  • The “ML for IVMSP Task Force” to be tasked with liaising with the boards of ML, CV, and Multimedia conferences to explore and encourage synergies between SPS and core ML, CV and Multimedia conferences in the areas of image, video and multidimensional signal processing.

Industry and Government Subcommittee


1: Jana Ehmann (12/31/2024) (2nd)

2: Ambarish Natu (12/31/2026) (1st)


1: William Puech (12/31/2026) (2nd)

2: Wenjun (Kevin) Zeng (12/31/2024) (2nd)

3: Farhan Baqai (12/31/2025) (2nd)


  • Look for and engage in opportunities for greater interaction with Industry and Government.

Nominations and Elections Subcommittee


1: Enrico Magli (12/31/2024) (2nd)

2: Zhibo Chen (12/31/2026) (1st)


1: Ting Yao (12/31/2026) (1st)

2: Yongyi Yang (12/31/2026) (1st)


  • Collect nominations for Technical Committee members and Vice Chair positions.
  • Conduct the election process.

Education and Student Subcommittee


1: Jiwen Lu (12/31/2026) (2nd)

2: Jenq-Neng Hwang (12/31/2026) (1st)


1: Mylène Farias (12/31/2026) (2nd)

2: Aladine Chetouani (12/31/2025) (1st)

3: Alexandre BENOIT (12/31/2026) (1st)


  • Looks for and engages in opportunities for greater interaction and involvement of students with the TC activities and events.
  • Webinars
  • Summer/Winter school events

Technical Directions and Initiatives Subcommittee


1: Touradj Ebrahimi (12/31/2024) (2nd)

2: Chia-Wen Lin (12/31/2026) (1st)


1: Aline Roumy (12/31/2025) (2nd)

2: Amit Roy-Chowdhury (12/31/2025) (2nd)

3: Stanley Chan (12/31/2025) (1st)


  • Manage and maintain the EDICS list for the TC and ensure it is being used consistently in all TC related conferences and workshops.
  • Work with the Editors-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing and other SP Society Transactions to ensure that IVMSP related areas are accurately represented in the EDICS of these Transactions.
  • Identify future trends and directions in IVMSP technical areas.
  • The “ICIP Innovations Subcommittee” to be tasked with exploring, formulating and proposing program and event innovations to the ICIP organising committee to help maintain the relevance of the conference to the community.

Web, Publicity and Liaison Subcommittee


1: Jingjing Meng (12/31/2025) (2nd)

2: Aydın Alatan (12/31/2026) (1st)


1: Zhu Li (12/31/2024) (2nd)

2: Chuang Gan (12/31/2024) (1st)


  • Maintain the TC web site together with the SPS staff.
  • Promote awareness of the TC activities via the SPS e-Newsletter, the SPS web site, and other applicable venues.
  • Maintain lists of Associate and Affiliate Members and ensure efficient communication of TC activities.


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