Recent Patents in Signal Processing (April 2013) - Multispectral Image Processing

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Recent Patents in Signal Processing (April 2013) - Multispectral Image Processing

For our April 2013 issue, we focus on recent patents on methods and applications in the area of Multispectral Image Processing. The selection below contains patents issued in the recent past in various applications of multispectral imaging, including multispectral biometrics, image registration, and medical data acquisition and analysis.

US 8,345,936, "Multispectral iris fusion for enhancement and interoperability", by M. Burge and M. Monaco, filed 8 May 2009, issued 1 January 2013, assigned to Noblis, Inc. (Falls Church, VA).

US 8,334,883, "Rendering multispectral images on reflective displays", by S. -K. Tin, filed 29 June 2009, issued 18 December 2012, assigned to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, Japan).

US 8,290,236, "Quantitative, multispectral image analysis of tissue specimens stained with quantum dots", by S. Lett, N. Haubein and G. Pestano, filed 3 June 2011, issued 16 October 2012, assigned to Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Tucson, AZ).

US 8,058,617, "Method and apparatus for detecting organic materials and objects from multispectral reflected light", R. vincent and M. Sridhar, filed 30 July 2010, issued 15 November 2011, assigned to Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH).

US 7,995,808, "Contactless multispectral biometric capture", by R. Rowe, M. tennis and S. Corcoran, filed 10 June 2008, issued 9 August 2011, assigned to Lumidigm, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM).

US 7,936,949, "Panchromatic modulation of multispectral imagery", by R. Riley, T. Bakir, A. Peter and M. Akbari, filed 1 December 2006, issued 3 May 2011, assigned to Harris Corporation (Melbourne, FL).

US 8,289,513, "System and method for component discrimination enhancement based on multispectral addition imaging", by M. Nelson, P. Treado and C. Gardner, filed 30 April 2010, issued 16 October 2012, assigned to ChemImage Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA).

US 8,274,286, "System and method for multi-spectral MR imaging near metal", by K. Koch, K. King, G. McKinnon and B. Hargreaves, filed 20 August 2010, issued 25 September 2012, assigned to General Electric Company (Schenectady, NY) and The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford, Jr. University (Palo Alto, CA).

US 8,385,615, "Spectral imaging of biological samples", by R. Levenson, P. Cronin, K. Gossage and C. Hoyt, filed 23 February 2009, issued 26 February 2013, assigned to Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc. (Woburn, MA).

US 8,351,031, "Single-shot spectral imager", by M. Fox, P. Vujkovic-Cvijin and N. Goldstein, filed 4 June 2010, issued 8 January 2013, assigned to Spectral Sciences, Inc. (Burlington, MA).

If you have an interesting patent to share when we next feature patents related to multispectral imaging, or if you are especially interested in a signal processing field that you would want to be highlighted in this section, please send email to Shantanu Rane (rane AT merl DOT com).

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