Important! Registering for IEEE SPS Conferences

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Important! Registering for IEEE SPS Conferences

Dear IEEE Signal Processing Society Member,

It has come to our attention that conferences with similar names, but not IEEE/Signal Processing Society (SPS)-sponsored, have been coming up on internet search results.

Please know that we have contacted the organizers of these conferences in order to remove any confusion and will continue to work hard to protect the strong reputation of IEEE/SPS conferences.

Also, please bear in mind that when registering for any IEEE Signal Processing Society conferences, the IEEE and SPS logos will prominently appear on the conference website and all accompanying conference materials – registration pages, calls for papers, promotional flyers, etc. If you do not see these logos on a conference website, it likely is not an IEEE/SPS-branded conference – even if it uses the same name as one.

Registering for the wrong conference may come with several risks including:

  • Possible loss of registration fees, over which IEEE/SPS has no control;
  • Accepted papers will likely not be published in IEEE Xplore®;
  • Accepted papers will not be included in the conference proceedings for the IEEE/SPS conference;
  • And of course, you will have lost the opportunity to network with your IEEE/SPS associates.

If you come across a website for a conference that shares the same name as an IEEE/SPS conference, but does not show proper IEEE and SPS brand representation, please e-mail us immediately at We will investigate and pursue possible infringement.

A schedule of our officially-branded conferences is always available on our website using this link: There, you will find all of our upcoming conference and workshops with links to their official websites.

Thank you for your understanding and for your assistance in continuing to produce the highest quality SPS conferences!


Wan-Chi Siu

Vice President-Conferences, 2012-2014

IEEE Signal Processing Society


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