Special Issue on Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Authentication in Satellite-Based Navigation Systems

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Special Issue on Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Authentication in Satellite-Based Navigation Systems

Ubiquitous use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) including Global Positioning System (GPS) in civilian, security, and defense applications, and the growing dependence on them within critical infrastructures has highlighted the need for protection against vulnerability due to intentional or unintentional interference sources. The proliferation of unintentional and intentional interference to GNSS signals has led to a heightened interest in devising effective anti-jamming techniques at different levels. The level of protection against interferences is commensurate to anti-jam performance requirements. GNSS interference robustness would clearly increase cost and add to receiver hardware and software complexity.

This special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE in June 2016 addresses the various types of jammers and analyzes their effects on different processing stages and overall GNSS receiver performance. The main goal of this issue is to highlight the importance of GNSS technology in our life and reflect on its ubiquitous use in service infrastructures. Due to its widespread adaptation, compromising GNSS receivers can have direct consequences on operation integrity and service deliverables. GNSS receivers must therefore be protected against interference in all of its kinds. The papers in this issue provide a broad and comprehensive discussion on receiver vulnerabilities, along with pertinent and effective countermeasure solutions to maintain high system performance in presence of malicious jammers. The editors hope that the reader finds the topics covered in this issue useful, informative, and representative of future trends in this important area of research and development.


Moeness G. Amin, Pau Closas, Ali Broumandan, John L. Volakis Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Authentication in Satellite-Based Navigation Systems. Proceedings of the IEEE, 104(6), 2016, pp. 1169-1173


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