46 SPS Members Elevated to Fellow

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46 SPS Members Elevated to Fellow

Each year, the IEEE Board of Directors confers the grade of Fellow on up to one-tenth of one percent of the voting members. To qualify for consideration, an individual must have been a Member, normally for five years or more, and a Senior Member at the time for nomination to Fellow. The grade of Fellow recognizes unusual distinction in IEEE’s designated fields.

The Signal Processing Society congratulates the following 46 SPS members who were recognized with the grade of Fellow as of 1 January 2019:

Karim Abed-Meraim, for contributions to blind system identification and source separation for communications.

Jill M. Boyce, for contributions to video coding.

Michael Bronstein, for contributions to acquisition, processing, and analysis of geometric data.

David Castanon, for contributions to discrete-time stochastic control and information fusion.

Mujdat Cetin, for contributions to image processing for synthetic aperture radar and sensor array.

Timothy Davidson, for contributions to optimization of signal processing and communication systems.

Meng Hwa Er, for contributions to electronic engineering education.

Jianfeng Gao, for contributions to machine learning for Web search and natural language processing.

Xiaodong He, for contributions to multimodal signal processing in human language and vision technologies.

Steven Chu-Hong Hoi, for contributions to machine learning for multimedia information retrieval and scalable data analytics.

Gang Hua, for contributions to facial recognition in images and videos.

Mei-Yuh Hwang, for contributions to speech and language technology.

Tao Jiang, for contributions to coding, modulation, and cognitive radio systems design.

Dong In Kim, for contributions to cross-layer design of wireless communications systems.

Farinaz Koushanfar, for contributions to hardware and embedded systems security and to privacy-preserving computing.

Patrick Lecallet, for contributions to perceptual optimization of video signal processing.

Juho Lee, for leadership in standardization of cellular communication technologies.

Hongbin Li, for contributions to adaptive radar signal processing with limited data.

Qi Li, for contributions in speech signal processing and speaker authentication.

Shutao Li, for contributions to image fusion and classification in remote sensing.

Yonghui Li, for contributions to cooperative communications technologies.

Teng Long, for contributions to high resolution radar systems.

Marco Lops, for contributions to radar target detection and estimation in clutter.

Neelesh Mehta, for contributions to opportunistic selection in wireless communication systems.

Tao Mei, for contributions to multimedia analysis and applications.

Erik Meijering, for contributions to computational methods for biological image analysis.

Danilo Pau, for contributions to the development of memory efficient architectures for advanced multimedia applications.

Alessandro Piva, for contributions to multimedia security.

Amit Roy-Chowdhury, for contributions to video-based tracking and behavior analysis.

Walid Saad, for contributions to distributed optimization in cooperative and heterogeneous wireless systems.

Venkatesh Saligrama, for contributions to distributed detection and estimation of structured signals.

Mikael Skoglund, for contributions to source-channel coding and wireless communications.

Lingyang Song, for contributions to cooperative communication and networking.

Yan Sun, for contributions to trust modeling and statistical signal processing for cyber-physical security.

Bruce Suter, for contributions to data acquisition for aerospace sensory information systems.

Joseph Tabrikian, for contributions to estimation theory and Multiple Input Multiple Output radars.

Seishi Takamura, for application of video coding.

Yap-Peng Tan, for contributions to visual data analysis and processing.

Meixia Tao, for contributions to resource allocation in broadband wireless networks.

Jean-Yves Tourneret, for contributions to statistical signal and image analysis.

Namrata Vaswani, for contributions to dynamic structured high-dimensional data recovery.

Liang Wang, for contributions to video-based human identification and motion analysis.

Simon Warfield, for contributions to medical imaging.

Xiaokang Yang, for contributions to perceptual modeling and processing of visual signals.

Minerva Yeung, for leadership in multimedia signal processing.

Yimin D. Zhang, for contributions to high-resolution direction finding and radar signal processing.


The following individuals were evaluated by the SPS, but are not SPS members:

Gerhard Rigoll, for contributions to multimodal human-machine communication.

Cha Zhang, for contributions to machine learning for image and video data processing.


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