What Should We Learn? Cognitive Computation and Systems

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What Should We Learn? Cognitive Computation and Systems

Yang Li

The importance of developing cognitive computation and cognitive systems has long been of interest. This research field is now rapidly expanding with the current influx of artificial intelligence innovations. Nowadays, machine learning solutions are dramatically transforming the lives of humans and are having a profound impact on a wide range of disciplines and industries. However, machine learning is not omnipotent, especially under the circumstance of cognitive systems operating in open and dynamic environments. Problems, such as perception, planning, action, learning and reasoning, remain big challenges for cognitive systems. Therefore, an interdisciplinary approach must now be employed that integrate multiple aspects of cognitive systems.

Cognitive Computation and Systems intends to publish original theoretical, experimental papers on the study of cognition systems. It is a forum for the integration of neuroscience, psychology, robotics, control science and computer science and emphasises the merging of cognitive theoretical models and physical systems. Cognitive Computation and Systems covers topics, including discovery of cognitive mechanisms, understanding cognitive phenomenon, construction of cognitive models, design of cognitive algorithms, development of cognitive systems and assessment of the cognitive computations. Papers will be selected on their scientific quality and degree of innovation. New contributions of practical cognitive theories and algorithms implementing on real word physical systems are highly encouraged. Cognitive Computation and Systems will also occasionally publish special issues devoted to a relevant research area that has seen rapid recent progress, promising new approaches, and convergence among different disciplines.

In the inaugural issue published in Cognitive Computation and Systems in February 2019 presents four high-quality papers that cover a wide range of research in cognitive systems, cognitive learning and intelligent robots. The editors hope this journal will serve for researchers and practitioners from all interested communities as a common communication platform, where our readers find the published content inspiring and informative for their own research.

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