Review of the SPS Educational Webinars as of 2021

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Review of the SPS Educational Webinars as of 2021

Please find below, a listing of all of the 2021 and 2020 SPS Educational webinars that have been conducted and have been made available on the SPS Resource Center. To view, login with your IEEE account credentials. To learn more about the webinars, contact the SPS Publications team

Webinars conducted in 2021

Webinar Title



1. Case Studies of Deep Learning for Channel Decoding and Power Control

14 September 2021

Dr. Cong Shen

2. Learning a Convolutional Neural Network for Image Compact-Resolution

2 August 2021

Dr. Yue Li

3. Facial Expression Analysis with Attention Mechanism

2 July 2021

Dr. Jiabei Zeng

4. Learning the MMSE Channel Estimator

24 Jun 2021

Dr. David Neumann, Dr. Thomas Wiese, Dr. Wolfgang Utschick

5. Graph Neural Networks

28 Apr 2021

Dr. Fernando Gama

6. 6G: A New Frontier for the Design of NOMA

15 Mar 2021

Dr. Zhiguo Ding

7. Artificial Intelligence Solutions Benefit Humanity (International Women’s Day webinar)

08 Mar 2021

Dr. Karen Panetta

8. Tensor Completion from Regular Sub-Nyquist Samples

20 Jan 2021

Dr. Charilaos I. Kanatsoulis and Dr. Nikolaos D. Sidiropoulos

Webinars conducted in 2020

Webinar Title



1. Hybrid Digital and Analog Beamforming Design for Large-Scale Antenna Arrays

18 Dec 2020

Dr. Foad Sohrabi

2. Joint Optimization of Radio and Computational Resources in Mobile Edge Computing

28 Oct 2020

Dr. Stefania Sardellitti

3. How the Mobile Phone Became a Camera

21 Sep 2020

Dr. Peyman Milanfar

4. An Algorithmic Investigation of Hybrid Beamforming for 5G and Beyond Networks

21 Aug 2020

Xianghao Yu, Jun Zhang

5. 20 Years of Musical Genre Classification - Past, Present, and Future

15 Jul 2020

Dr. George Tzanetakis

6. A Policy-Based Security Architecture for Software-Defined Networks

18 Jun 2020

Dr. Vijay Varadharajan, Dr. Kallol K. Karmakar

7. Distributed Localization and Tracking of Mobile Networks

28 May 2020

Dr. Florian Meyer

8. Deep Learning on Graphs and Manifolds: Going Beyond Euclidean Data

20 Apr 2020

Dr. Michael Bronstein

9. Enabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing With Sensitive Information Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage

25 Feb 2020

Dr. Jiankun Hu, Wenting Shen

10. FemtoPixel: Lensless Imaging with Compressive Ultrafast Sensing

21 Jan 2020

Dr. Guy Satat

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