September 2022

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News and Resources for Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

September 2022

It is my pleasure to announce that the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) annual election will commence on 15 August, and your vote is more important than ever! This year, all eligible SPS Members will vote for the Regional Directors-at-Large for Regions 1-6 and 8 (term 1 January 2023 through 31 December 2024), and Members-at-Large (term 1 January 2023 through 31 December 2025) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Board of Governors (BoG).

With the rapid progress of recent years, techniques that generate and manipulate multimedia content can now provide a very advanced level of realism. The boundary between real and synthetic media has become very thin.

IEEE SPS has built a streamlined mechanism for employers to add a job announcement by simply filling in a simple job opportunity submission Web form related to a particular TC field. To submit job announcements for a particular Technical Committee, the submission form can be found by visiting the page below and selecting a particular TC.

The Signal Processing Society (SPS) has 12 Technical Committees that support a broad selection of signal processing-related activities defined by the scope of the Society.

Intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) has recently emerged as a promising paradigm for future wireless communications. Owing to its remarkable capability in reshaping the propagation environment, IRS has a great potential to boost spectral efficiency, mitigate interference, and enhance physical security. 

The Audio Engineering Society (AES), the IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc), and the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) cordially invite you to a first-of-a-kind joint event discussing the state of the art perspectives in this rapidly evolving field.

This webinar presents ‘Tapestry’, a single-round pooled testing method with application to COVID-19 testing using quantitative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) that can result in shorter testing time and conservation of reagents and testing kits, at clinically acceptable false positive or false negative rates.

With the blooming of AI and machine-learning-based data-hungry applications and services, managing personal data and ensuring data privacy and security have become critical challenges.

This SPS webinar will introduce a novel data-driven cooperative localization and location data processing framework, called FedLoc, in line with the emerging machine learning and optimization techniques.

The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is honored to announce the elevation of 167 of its members to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. These members have demonstrated outstanding professional performance, exhibited professional maturity through long-term experience, and established themselves as leaders in their respective IEEE-designated fields of interest.



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