Format-Compliant Selective Secret 3-D Object Sharing Scheme

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Format-Compliant Selective Secret 3-D Object Sharing Scheme

Sébastien Beugnon; William Puech; Jean-Pierre Pedeboy

This paper presents a new method of secret three-dimensional object sharing (S3DOS), which allows sharing of three-dimensional (3-D) objects, while preserving its file format by selectively encrypting a 3-D object in order to sufficiently protect the visual nature of the content. This scheme, named format-compliant selective (k, n) S3DOS , modifies selected bits of the vertices of a 3-D object to protect the visual content by inducing geometrical distortions. These distortions are controlled thanks to the application of a degradation level at the beginning of the sharing process. To reconstruct the secret 3-D object, at least kshared 3-D objects among n have to be combined in order to remove the geometrical distortions and recover the exact original 3-D object. Experimental results are presented and evaluated to showcase the feasibility of the proposed scheme.

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