One-Bit Compressive Sensing via Schur-Concave Function Minimization

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One-Bit Compressive Sensing via Schur-Concave Function Minimization

Peng Xiao; Bin Liao; Jian Li

Much effort has been devoted to recovering sparse signals from one-bit measurements in recent years. However, it is still quite challenging to recover signals with high fidelity, which is desired in practical one-bit compressive sensing (1-bit CS) applications. We introduce the notion of Schur-concavity in this paper and propose to construct signals by taking advantage of Schur-Concave functions , which are capable of enhancing sparsity. Specifically, the Schur-concave functions can be employed to measure the degree of concentration, and the sparse solutions are obtained at the minima. As a representative of the Schur-concave family, the normalized 1 Shannon entropy function ( 1 -SEF) is exploited. The resulting optimization problem is nonconvex. Hence, we convert it into a series of weighted 1 -norm subproblems, which are solved iteratively by a generalized fixed-point continuation algorithm. Numerical results are provided to illustrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed 1-bit CS algorithm.

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