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Information Forensics and Security

Award Subcommittee

Chair: Anderson Rocha
Members: Paolo Bestagini, Bin Li, Gianni Poggi, Jiankun Hu
Mission: The mission of this committee is to collect nominations and to narrow down the list, with the final names being voted on by the Technical Committee and then passed to the Awards Board. This procedure applies for all the SPS Awards and Distinguished Lecturers. This subcommittee also identifies member of the community that could be escalated along the IEEE SPS latter (Senior Member, Fellow). This year, the subcommittee will further experiment to establish best practices for awards nominations.

Nominations and Elections Subcommittee

Chair: Benedetta Tondi
Members: Félix Balado, Negar Kiyavash, Ni Rongrong, Victor Sanchez.
Mission: The role of this subcommittee is to collect nominations for Technical Committee members and Vice Chair positions, and conduct the election process. The Nominations Subcommittee shall ensure that the candidate pool for new TC members represents the diversity of SPS members in the Technical Committee area, which includes: gender, geographic, academic/industry, junior/senior, etc.

Web and Publicity Subcommittee

Chair: Rémi Cogranne
Members: Paolo Bestagini, Zekeriya Erkin
Mission: This subcommittee maintains the IFS TC web site together in collaboration with SPS staff as well as all social platforms that it is connected to. It also promotes the awareness of the TC activities via SPS eNewsletter, SPS web site, and other applicable venues.

Technical Directions Subcommittee

Chair: Anderson Rocha
Members: Aris Gkoulalas-divanis, Stefan Katzenbeisser
Mission: This subcommittee identifies future trends and directions in information forensics and security and promotes the vitality and growth of the IFS-TC. In addition, this subcommittee manages and maintains the EDICS for the TC and ensures it is being used consistently in all TC related conferences and workshops. This subcommittee also works with the Editor-in-Chiefs of the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security and various SP Society sponsored or co-sponsored publications to ensure that IFS areas are accurately and adequately represented in the EDICS of these publications.

Workshop/Challenges Subcommittee

Chair: Pedro Comesana Alfaro
Members: Irene Amerini, Remi Cogranne, Chang-Tsun Li, Christian Riess, Matthew Stamm
Mission: This newly formed subcommittee is in charge of soliciting proposals for competitions, geared either towards researchers and/or undergraduate students. In particular, it will look for proposals to promote IFS tasks as part of the SP Cup. The subcommittee will put in place a process to ensure there are enough proposals in time for voting and TC decision making.

Education Subcommittee

Chair: Vishal Patel
Members: Felix Balado, Jiankun Hu, Siwei Lyu
Mission: Responsibilities of the subcommittee include liaison with the Signal Processing Education Technical Committee, and creation of content of interest to SPS members involved in the Technical Committee that is not appropriate for publication in the Society’s conferences and periodicals. In particular, the subcommittee will actively look for IFS contributions to be published on the Resource Center. It will also solicit proposals to host the first IFS seasonal school. Finally, it will investigate how to better engage students with respect to IFS activities.

Industry and Government Subcommittee

Chair: Karthik Nandakumar
Members:  Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Jiankun Hu
Mission: The objective of this subcommittee is to attract non-academic individuals in the IFS community to fill the growing gap between signal processing researchers and practitioners. It will in particular investigate new opportunities to engage companies by exploring more industry-focused activities in our IFS events. Moreover, the subcommittee is in charge of regularly polling non-academic members to better appreciate their expectations for the IFS TC.

Regional Representatives

Mission: The four regional representatives shall support the Society’s Regional Directors-at-Large in the area of expertise of the Technical Committee. The representatives shall promote and foster local activities of the IFS TC and encourage new chapter development; publicize the activities of the Technical Committee in their region and help attract members from their region to the Technical Committee.

  • Asia: Chiou-Ting (Candy) Hsu
  • Europe: Ann Dooms
  • North America: Arun Ross
  • South America: Anderson Rocha

Area Chairs

Members: Simone Milani, Rafael Schaefer, Benedetta Tondi  
Mission: Area chairs drive the review of papers for that area submitted to SPS’s conferences and workshops. Each Area Chair will have a number of reviewers, which shall normally include elected Associate and Affiliate Technical Committee Members. Other responsibilities may include proposal of special sessions and special issues in that area.

T-IFS Liaison

Members: Mauro Barni, Samson Cheung, Charles Clancy, Gwenaël Doërr, Chiou-Ting (Candy) Hsu, Hitoshi Kiya
Mission: The role of this sub-committee is to foster links between the IFS TC and the T-IFS.

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