Recent Patents in Signal Processing - May 2011

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Recent Patents in Signal Processing - May 2011

US 7,907,738, "Speaker equalization tool", by N. King and M. Culbert, filed 30 August 2006, issued 15 March 2011, assigned to Apple, Inc. (Cupertino, CA).

US 7,933,809, "Method, medium, and system for automatically embedding information concerning items appearing in video using RFID tags", by M. S. Abraham, V. Bijlani and M. Thomas, filed 18 December 2006, issued 26 April 2011, assigned to International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, NY).

US 7,933,456, "Multi-layer video coding and decoding methods and multi-layer video encoder and decoder", by W-J. Han, B-K. Lee, S-C. Cha, H-J. Ha, K-H. Lee and J-Y. Lee, filed 7 September 2005, issued 26 April 2011, assigned to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR).

US 7,933,407,  "Digital video protection for authenticity verification ", by O. Keidar, R. Bar-Sella and I. Dvir, filed 23 April 2004, issued 26 April 2011, assigned to Nice Systems Ltd. (Raanana, IL).

US 7,932,843, "Parallel CABAC decoding for video decompression", by M. Demircin, V. Sze and M. Budagavi, filed 1 October 2009, issued 26 April 2011, assigned to Texas Instruments Incorporated (Dallas, TX).

US 7,929,611, "Frame rate converting apparatus, pan/tilt determining apparatus, and video apparatus", by N. Tsunekawa, A. Maenaka and Y. Mor, filed 23 March 2006, issued 19 April 2011, assigned to Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan).

US 7,929,189, "Video hologram and device for reconstructing video holograms using geometrical calculation" by A. Schwerdtner, filed 29 June 2006, issued 19 April 2011, assigned to SeeReal Technologies GmbH (Dresden, Germany).

US 7,926,078, "Virtual video on demand using multiple encrypted video segments", by R. Arsenault and L. Stanger, filed 19 January 2004, issued 12 April 2011, assigned to The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (El Segundo, CA).

US 7,924,929, "Method of automatically testing audio-video synchronization", by R. Meenakshisundaram and M. Mani, filed 26 November 2003, issued 12 April 2011, assigned to Trident Microsystems (Far East) Ltd. (Grand Cayman, KY).

US 7,925,536, "Intelligent video verification of point of sale (POS) transactions", by A. Lipton, P. Venetianer, L. Yu, Y. Hu, W. Scanlon and Z. Zhang, filed 25 May 2007, issued 12 April 2011, assigned to ObjectVideo, Inc. (Reston, VA).

Interested in sharing a recent patent you know? Please contact Associate Editor, Dr. Shantanu Rane (rane AT merl DOT com) with the patent information related to signal processing. We are particularly interested in patents by SPS members issued within the past six months.

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