IEEE-TSP Has the Highest Number of Submissions

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IEEE-TSP Has the Highest Number of Submissions

For a third year in a row, the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (TSP) is the journal with the highest number of submissions. According to the information from the Editor-in-Chief Athina P. Petropulu, despite the large number of submissions TSP has achieved, the average paper turnaround time is less than one year.

Below please find the rankings of the top-10 IEEE journals in terms of the number of submissions that they receive:

  1. IEEE-TSP (4.7%)
  2. IEEE-COMML (4.1%)
  3. IEEE-MAGCON (4.1%)
  4. IEEE-TWC (3.4%)
  5. IEEE-EDL (3.3%)
  6. IEEE-TIE (3.0%)
  7. IEEE-TVT (2.5%)
  8. IEEE-TAP (2.2%)
  9. IEEE-EMBC-TBME (2.2%)
  10. IEEE-TED (2.0%)
  11. IEEE-PTL (1.9%)
  12. IEEE-TPS (1.9%)
  13. IEEE-TIP (1.9%)
  14. IEEE-T-MTT (1.8%)
  15. IEEE-AWPL (1.8%)

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