Open PhD positions at Lund University

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Open PhD positions at Lund University

Ph.D. positions in Mathematical Statistics / Statistical Signal Processing,Lund University, Sweden

The positions are concerned with two different research projects:

1) The first project focuses on the problem of counterfeit medicines, which is a growing concern globally, with, according to the WHO, up to 25% of all medicines in developing countries being counterfeit. About 700.000 deaths, annually, from just malaria and tuberculosis can be attributed to fake medicines, giving an indication of the scope of the problem. The announced Ph.D. position is a part of an attempt to remedy this situation, and is focused on the developing of robust and reliable detection and classification algorithms for pharmaceutical substances using nuclear quadrupole resonance.
2) The second project focuses on the development of multitapers, which are low-rank approximations of time-frequency kernels. The methods should be optimal for robust classification, detection, and estimation of non-stationary spectra. Such methods have many possible application areas, where one is estimation of the electrical brain signals (EEG). Using optimal cross-spectra and coherence spectra we can measure, e.g., how we perceive our environment or select relevant information from irrelevant information.

Applicants are invited to contact Prof. Andreas Jakobsson (project 1) and Prof. Maria Sandsten (project 2) for further information. Applicants should have a strong background in statistical signal processing and mathematical statistics, and should have a M.Sc. degree in Engineering, Mathematics, or a related discipline. Proficiency in English is a requirement. You can find further details and the online application form for the two positions at:

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