58 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member!

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58 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member!

The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is honored to announce the elevation of 58 of its members to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. These members have demonstrated outstanding professional performance, exhibited professional maturity through long-term experience, and established themselves as leaders in their respective IEEE-designated fields of interest. Senior Member is the only membership grade that is eligible to be nominated for IEEE Fellow.  

The elevated Senior Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are:

Dr. Nagaraj Adiga
Dr. Balu Adsumilli
Dr. MdShoaib Bhuiyan
Dr. Andreas Burg
Dr. Tapabrata Chakraborty
Dr. Chienchung Chang
Dr. Xiaolong Chen
Dr. Feng-Tsun Chien
Dr. Alan Cowart
Dr. Gautam Dasarathy
Dr. Yue Deng
Dr. Arpan Desai
Dr. Rose Faghih
Dr. Neelesh Gokhale
Dr. Xiaofan He
Dr. C Henroid
Dr. Wesley Holland
Dr. Guang Hua
Dr. Nisheena Iqbal
Dr. Anu Jagannath
Dr. Mingwu Jin
Dr. Manish Khare
Dr. Irina Kim
Dr. Ahlad Kumar
Dr. Basant Kumar
Dr. Marco La Manna
Dr. Dana Lahat
Dr. Armein Langi
Dr. Ang Li
Dr. Bo Li
Dr. Xin Liao
Dr. Yen-Yu Lin
Dr. Shaodan Ma
Dr. Vincenzo Matta
Dr. Hossam El-Din Moustafa
Dr. Murali Muthukrishnan
Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh
Dr. Fuad Noman
Dr. Dr Mayukha Pal
Dr. B Eugene Parker
Dr. Madduma Wellalage Pasan Maduranga
Dr. Seigfred Prado
Dr. Untung Rahardja
Dr. Aravinda Rao
Dr. Anzar S. M.
Dr. Husrev Sencar
Dr. Abhishek Sharma
Dr. Qing Shen
Dr. Jan Sijbers
Dr. Rajiv Singh
Dr. Muhammad Tahir
Dr. Rohitkumar Thanki
Dr. Manish Tiwari
Dr. Lalitha Vadlamani
Dr. Athar Waseem
Dr. Li You
Dr. Huazi Zhang
Dr. Xiguang Zheng


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