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SPS Kerala Chapter Hub Meets

Report on HUB Meets with Special SPS MD Sessions

Prepared by: Dr. M. V. Rajesh, Chairman, IEEE SPS Chapter, Kerala Section, India.

The IEEE Signal Processing Society Kerala Chapter's most remarkable sponsorship track event, Hub Meets were conducted. As a part of the Hub Meets, the Young Professionals team of SPS KC had informative sessions at respective colleges. They provided a clear understanding of opportunities of being an SPS member.

This year, Malabar Hub Meet (2nd Dec to 4th Dec) was hosted by Government Engineering College Wayanad, Kochi Hub Meet (10th to 11th Dec) by St. Josephs College of Engineering Palai and Travancore Hub Meet (10th to 11th Dec) by College of Engineering Trivandrum.

Report on Malabar Hub Meet

Date : 4 December 2022
Venue : Government Engineering College, Wayanad
Participation Count: 110

On the final day of Malabar Hub Meet 2022 conducted by IEEE Malabar Hub and hosted by IEEE SB GECW, there was a sponsorship track for the IEEE Kerala Chapter's Signal Processing Society. The session was aimed at providing knowledge about the benefits of being an active SPS member. The session was handled by Mr. Thomas K. Gimmy, YP Design Lead, IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter. The speaker gave an insight into the various technical and professional opportunities associated with membership in SPS. Furthermore, the discussion expanded on the numerous opportunities available to SPS members and concluded by mentioning various contests and accolades associated with them.

MD Session on SPS-Kochi Hub Meet 2022

Date: 10-11 December 2022
Venue: St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology, Palai
Participation Count: 70

On the 10th and 11th of December 2022 at St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology, Palai, the IEEE Kochi Hub hosted its yearly flagship event, Kochi Hub Meet (KHM)'22, in collaboration with the IEEE SB SJCET. KHM '22 was a two-day event that provided a wealth of chances for student members and professionals to come together from across the Subsection to explore, learn, and grow. KHM '22 was designed to give participants the ideal environment to develop their potential in technical and managerial sectors. It was organized with the support of IEEE SB SJCET. This workshop had participation from a total of 70 people from across the IEEE Kochi Subsection. 




A MD Session was planned by Mr. Thomas K Gimmy, Design Lead at IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter, as part of KHM '22. The meeting took place on December 10, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the Seminar Hall of St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology's Main Block. Mr. Thomas K Gimmy gave the participants an overview of IEEE and the IEEE Signal Processing Society during this session. He then included a detailed explanation of the different advantages that the society also provides to its members in his subsequent note. The lesson was very participatory and gave the students a greater knowledge of the advantages of membership in the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He shared his own experience as an SPS Member which really inspired the students. The whole event was a success. 


Travancore Hub Meet 2022

Dates: 11 December 2022
Venue: College of Engineering, Trivandrum
Participation Count: 196

Travancore Hub Meet is the annual flagship event of IEEE Travancore Hub of IEEE LINK, the vibrant student activities community of IEEE Kerala Section. The IEEE TRAVANCORE HUB MEET’22 was a 2-day event with the theme “Industry 4.0” providing an opportunity for the student community to meet highly intelligent and motivated peer, enhance their skills through trainings, workshops, and competitions and gear them up to face the professional career ahead of them.

SPS Track

Date: 11 December 2022
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Platform: CETAA Hall, CET College
Attendance: 196

This was a sponsorship track conducted by IEEE Signal Processing Society, sponsors of IEEE Travancore Hub Meet 22. The main aim of the track was to share among the students about the work and membership benefits of joining the society.

The session was handled by:

  • Ruben Mathew, Chair, Md Activities, IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter
  • Thomas K Gimmy, Design lead IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter
  • Salih Yoosaf, YP member, IEEE SPS kerala chapter

The speakers detailed the mission and the vision of the society and the various work undertaken by the society. Also the high quality publications, conferences, technical and educational activities, and leadership opportunities for the students were detailed throughout the event giving them a great insight into the benefits of joining the society.



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