Call for Nominations: 2024 SPS Chapter of the Year Award

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Call for Nominations: 2024 SPS Chapter of the Year Award

The IEEE Signal Processing Society Chapter of the Year Award will be presented for the 14th time in 2025!

The award will be granted to a Chapter that has provided their membership with the highest quality of programs, activities and services. The Chapter of the Year Award will be presented annually in conjunction with the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) to the Chapter’s representative. The award will consist of a certificate, a check in the amount of $1,000 to support local chapter activities and up to $1200 for continental or $2100 for intercontinental travel support to the Chapter of the Year recipient to attend the ICASSP awards ceremony and the ICASSP Chapter Chairs Luncheon meeting to present a brief talk highlighting their Chapter’s accomplishments.

The nominated Chapters will be evaluated based on the following Chapter activities, programs and services during the past year:

  1. Technical activities (e.g. technical meetings, workshops and conferences, tours with industry)
  2. Educational programs (e.g. courses, seminars, student workshops, tutorials, student activities)
  3. Membership development (e.g. programs to encourage students and engineers to join the society, growth in chapter’s membership, member advancement programs)
  4. Annual IEEE Chapter report submitted by the chapter.

Selection will be based on the nominator’s submission of the nomination form, the SPS Chapter Certification Form and the annual IEEE Chapter report.

All nominations should be submitted through the online nomination system.  Submission questions can be directed to Theresa Argiropoulos ( and George Olekson ( 

If multiple people are completing the nomination form, you can Manage Collaborators on the nomination. There is a Manage Collaborators button in the top right corner of the nomination page.  The Primary Collaborator, who is the person who started the nomination, can add additional collaborators on the nomination by clicking the Add Collaborator button.  Once a Collaborator is added, the application can be transferred to a new Primary Collaborator by clicking Make Primary next to the name.  Access can also be removed from a collaborator by clicking Remove Access next to the name.  Only the Primary Collaborator can submit or finalize the application, as well as add other Collaborators.  All Collaborators can view and edit the application.  However, only one user can be editing the nomination at a time to avoid accidental overwriting of another's information.

Nominations must be received no later than 15 October 2024. Further information on the Chapter of the Year Award can be found on the Society’s website.


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