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Young Professionals in Signal Processing

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The IEEE Signal Processing Society serves its young professional in signal processing base with tailored events and initiatives to encourage networking, volunteerism, and career development. IEEE tools and resources connect members with the professional tools to build the foundation for your professional future. SPS offers a strong network of signal processing professionals of all career stages, giving young professionals the opportunity to establish meaningful connections and increase involvement in Society activities early in their careers.

To learn more about how to get involved with Young Professionals in Signal Processing, contact Young Professionals in Signal Processing Subcommittee.

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Duties. The Young Professionals Subcommittee shall report to the Membership Services Committee. The Young Professionals Subcommittee shall identify value/benefit/services to young professional members and recommend policy/mechanism for recruiting young professional members; develop programs and material to facilitate young professional member recruiting and services; maintain and develop contacts with leadership and membership constituents; and provide proper communication channels and feedback.

If you are interested to get involved, please send the following information to Young Professionals in Signal Processing Subcommittee.

  1. Name of appointee
  2. Qualifications (short one/two lines)
  3. Appointment term dates
  4. Bio (as an attachment) and/or link
  5. Member grade/membership status
  6. Affiliation


Subcommittee Members

Behnaz Ghoraani

Chair: Behnaz Ghoraani
Assistant Professor
Florida Atlantic University  

Ervin Sejdic

Ervin Sejdic
Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh  

Maryam Azimi

Maryam Azimi
Research Fellow
The University of Cambridge

Subhro Das

Subhro Das
Research Scientist
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center  

Behrooz Makki

Behrooz Makki
Research Scientist
Ericsson Research Center

Jeremy Webb

Thuong Nguyen
Senior Researcher
Tencent America LCC

Upcoming Events

ICIP 2020

Join us at the SPS Young Professionals Networking Event at ICIP 2020, October 26-27, 2020, Virtual events.


Join us at the SPS Young Professionals Networking Event at ICASSP 2021, June 6-11, 2021, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Past Events

Check out our activities at past conferences:

  • ICASSP 2020 - Virtual, May 4-8, in Barcelona, Spain -- Note: changed to Virtual Conference, all events were virtual.

    Navigating Social Media as a Social Scientist
    Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, by now, are no longer a new thing. Also for scientists, social media platforms have become an integral networking tool to connect globally, exchange research ideas and advance careers. But, what’s a proper way for scientists to make use of these platforms?

    Networking Reception at Bestial Restaurant
    Join the IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Professionals after the conference sessions for a networking reception at Bestial Restaurant! Located approximately 15 minutes away from the conference venue, Bestial is in front of the sea, in Front Maritime of Barcelona, under the fish of Frank O. Gehry.

  • ICIP 2019, Taipei, Taiwan

    At ICIP 2019, the panel discussion and networking brought together early career engineers and scientists as well as senior graduate students for an opportunity to network with peers and meet with industry leaders. The panelists shared their career stories and experiences. They talked about their motivations and the paths that led them to where they are now; the challenges they had to face and the ways of overcoming them; and the components of an effective career development plan for young professionals.

    Photos - ICIP 2019 Young Professionals Event Photos

  • GlobalSIP 2019, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    The 7th IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) was held at the SHAW Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 11-14, 2019. GlobalSIP focuses on signal and information processing with an emphasis on up-and-coming signal processing themes. The conference features world-class plenary speeches, distinguished symposium talks, tutorials, exhibits, oral and poster sessions, and panels. GlobalSIP is comprised of co-located General Symposium and symposia selected based on responses to the call-for-symposia proposals.

    Photos - GlobalSIP 2019 Young Professionals Event

  • GlobalSIP 2018, Anaheim, CA, USA

    IEEE Young Professionals in Signal Processing Subcommittee organised an event themed ‘Engineering Career Speed Dating’ for students and young professionals from all across the globe during GlobalSIP 2018, in Anaheim, California. Five panelists from Apple, IBM, Boeing, Philips, and Mathworks talked about their career paths to students and young professionals. The attendees were really invested in what the presenters were saying and mingled/networked comfortably with the speakers and other attendees. See more information in the IEEE Young Professionals blog.

    Photos - GlobalSIP 2018 Young Professionals Event Photos

  • ICIP 2018, Athens, Greece

    The IEEE SPS Young Professional Networking Reception at ICIP 2018, Athens, Greece turned out to be a huge success with more than 50 attendees coming from all around the globe. The panelists, coming from both academia and industry with expertise in Image Processing and Signal Processing in general, shared their personal thoughts and career paths, encouraging and inspiring the audience to follow their passion. A Q&A session followed the panel discussion, which was very dynamic and engaging. Questions were asked both verbally and on an online platform live. The networking reception served as a warm setting for the attendees to connect and share ideas with each other over wine and Greek food!

    Photos - ICIP 2018 Young Professionals Event Photos


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