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SPS Webinar

SPS Webinar: Quality Assessment for Omnidirectional Video/Images: Spatio-Temporal Distortion Modeling and a Deep Learning Solution

Date: 12 April 2023
Time: 9:30 AM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Dr. Pan Gao, Dr. Alijosa Smolic

SPS Webinar: Utilizing Full Signal Reconstruction and Leveraging Perception for Deep Learning-Based Noisy Speech Enhancement

Date: 13 March 2023
Time: 1:30 PM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Dr. Donald Williamson

SPS Webinar: A Walk Through Image Deblurring: From Model-Based to Generative Restoration

Date: 29 March 2023
Time: 12:30 PM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Dr. Mauricio Delbracio

26 Apr

SPS Webinar: Adaptive and Fast Combined Waveform-Beamforming Design for mmWave Automotive Joint Communication-Radar

Date: 26 April 2023
Time: 11:00 AM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Dr. Preeti Kumari, Dr. Nitin Jonathan Myers, Dr. Robert W. Heath, Jr.

SPS-ASI Webinar: Socio-Physically Interactive Mobile Collaborative Robots

Date: 30 March 2023
Time: 8:00 AM PST | 5:00 PM (CEST)
Presenter(s): Arash Ajoudani

08 Mar

SPS Webinar: Power Scaling of Uplink Massive MIMO Systems with Arbitrary-Rank Channel Means

Date: 8 March 2023
Time: 7:00 PM ET (New York Time)
Title: Power Scaling of Uplink Massive MIMO Systems with Arbitrary-Rank Channel Means

SPS Webinar: Novel Prospects of Image Restoration Inspired by Concepts of Quantum Mechanics

Date: 9 March 2023
Time: 9:00 AM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Mr. Sayantan Dutta

13 Feb

SPS Webinar: 13 February 2023, presented by Dr. Joe (Zhou) Ren

Date: 13 February 2023
Time: 10:30 AM ET (New York Time)
Title: Human Centric Visual Analysis - Hand, Gesture, Pose, Action, and Beyond
Full webinar details

15 Feb

SPS Webinar: Decentralized Federated Learning: Balancing Communication and Computing Costs

Date: 15 February 2023
Time: 10:00 AM ET (New York Time)
Presenter(s): Mr. Wei Liu, Dr. Li Chen and Dr. Wenyi Zhang
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