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Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Technical Committee Members


Zheng-Hua TanChair: Zheng-Hua Tan
Aalborg University, Denmark
Term Ends: 31 Dec 2022



Wenwu WangVice Chair: Wenwu Wang
University of Surrey
Guilford, UK
Term Ends: 31 Dec 2022




Name Affiliation
Shuchin Aeron (12/23**) Tufts University, USA
Murat Akcakaya (12/23*) University of Pittsburgh, USA
Tommy Sonne Alstrøm (12/24*) Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
George Atia (12/23**) University of Central Florida, USA
Ulisses M. Braga-Neto (12/22**) Texas A&M University, USA
Badong Chen (12/23**) Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Danilo Comminiello (12/24**) Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Subhro Das (12/23*) IBM Research, USA
Jie Ding (12/24**) University of Minnesota, USA
Deniz Erdoğmuş (12/22**) Northeastern University, USA
Leibny Paola García-Perera (12/23*) Johns Hopkins University, USA
Nastaran Ghadar (12/23*) Twitter, USA
Nicolas Gillis (12/23**) University of Mons, Belgium
Yuantao Gu (12/22*) Tsinghua University, China
Deniz Gündüz (12/24*) Imperial College, UK
Roland Hostettler (12/23*) Uppsala University, Sweden
Kejun Huang (12/22*) University of Florida, USA
Alexandros Iosifidis (12/24*) Aarhus University, Denmark
Ercan Kuruoglu (12/24**) Italian National Council of Research, Italy
Geoffrey Li (12/22*) Imperial College, UK
Le Liang (12/24*) Southeast University, China
Che Lin (12/23*) National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Sijia Liu (12/24*) Michigan State University, USA
Wei Liu (12/23*) Tencent AI Lab, USA
David Luengo (12/24**) Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Zhanyu Ma (12/24*) Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Jonathan Manton (12/22*) The University of Melbourne, Australia
Vishal M. Patel (12/22*) Johns Hopkins University, USA
Qing Qu (12/24*) University of Michigan, USA
Wojciech Samek (12/22*) Frauenhofer Heinrich Herz Institute, Germany
Anand D. Sarwate (12/22**) Rutgers University, USA
Sven Ewan Shepstone (12/24*) Bang & Olufsen, Denmark
Dan Su (12/22*) Tencent AI Lab, China
Atlas Wang (12/23*) University of Texas at Austin, USA
Wenwu Wang (12/23*) University of Surrey, UK
Pengtao Xie (12/23*) University of California San Diego, USA
Dong Xu (12/22**) University of Sydney, Australia
Weiyu Xu (12/23*) University of Iowa, USA
Tao Zhang (12/22*) Starkey Hearing Technologies, USA
Liang Zheng (12/24*) Australian National University, Australia


(mm/yy*) means first term membership expires mm/yy
(mm/yy**) means second term membership expires mm/yy


Advisory Members

Name Affiliation
Tulay Adali (12/22) University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
Sergios Theodoridis (12/22) National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and Aalborg University, Denmark
John Hansen (12/22) University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Sun-Yuan Kung (12/22) Princeton University, USA
Jose C. Principe (12/22) University of Florida, USA
Raviv Raich (12/22) Oregon State University, USA
Bhaskar D. Rao (12/22) University of California San Diego, USA


Associate Members

Name Affiliation
Bhiksha Raj (12/22) Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Bo Li (12/22) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA



Awards: Yuantao Gu (Chair), Wenwu Wang (Vice-Chair), Deniz Gunduz, Kejun Huang, Bo Li, Le Liang, Bhaskar D. Rao, Dong Xu
Data Competition: Ercan Kuruoglu (Chair), Danilo Comminiello (Vice-Chair), Bhiksha Raj, Dan Su, Tao Zhang
ICASSP Area Chairs: Zheng-Hua Tan (Chair), Wenwu Wang (Vice-Chair), Shuchin Aeron, Tommy Sonne Alstrøm, George Atia, Ulisses M. Braga-Neto, Danilo Comminiello, Leibny Garcia, Alexandros Iosifidis, Sija Liu, David Luengo García, Zhanyu Ma, Qing Qu, Bhaskar D. Rao, Pengtao Xie, Weiyu Xu, Liang Zheng
Industry: Che Lin (Chair), Nastaran Ghadar (Vice-Chair), Subhro Das, Wei Liu
Member Nominations & Election: Nicolas Gillis (Chair), Atlas Wang (Vice-Chair), Jie Ding, Geoffrey Li
Newsletter & Visibility: Wojciech Samek (Chair), Bhaskar D. Rao (Vice-Chair), Vishal M. Patel, Sven Ewan Shepstone
Webmaster: Danilo Comminiello (Chair), Jonathan Manton (Vice-Chair), Anand Sarwate
Workshop: Murat Akcakaya (Chair), Badong Chen (Vice-Chair), Deniz Erdogmus, Roland Hostettler

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