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Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Technical Committee


On-Line Bibliography and Document Archives

  • SPIB - Signal Processing Information Base: (Access via FTP)
    Contains books, paper archives, data, software, newsletter archives, etc.
  • SCAD - Systems and Control Archive at Dallas: (Access via WWW homepage) Contains books, paper archives, software, conference announcement, eletter archives, job archives, thesis, etc.
  • Neuroprose Paper Archives: (Access via FTP)
    Contains preprints (in postscript format) of many important papers in connectionist and machine learning research.
  • Computer Vision Homepage: (Access via WWW)
    This is a springboard to many on-line vision related archives. It links to more than 5000 test images, FTP and GOPHER archives, publications, source code, newsgroups, conferences, and more than 100 research groups' home pages. It also points to archives such as PEIPA at UK, ECVNet Web archive in Italy, all-legal texture database at MIT, etc.
  • NIPS 95 Online Proceedings .
    Many of the papers presented at NIPS*95 have been made available online by their authors.
  • The BibTeX Database Collection at the Vienna Center for Computational Intelligence .
    The Vienna Center for Computational Intelligence maintains BibTeX databases for a growing number of CI-related journals and conference proceedings (with emphasis on neural networks). All bibtex files use a unified key format, so citing from our BibTeX files is easy.

Public Domain Neural Network Benchmark Databases

Public Domain Neural Network Software Information


  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters


IEEE SPS Educational Resources

IEEE SPS Resource Center

IEEE SPS YouTube Channel