PostDoc Opportunities in Manaus - Amazonas - Brazil

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PostDoc Opportunities in Manaus - Amazonas - Brazil

The Emerging Technologies and Security Systems Group of the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), Brazil, is looking for enthusiastic and talented young researchers to join us in a Postdoctoral Research position.

Candidates do need to contact us, so that we will submit projects to a committee that will accept up to 6 people in our area, according to the quality of the candidates. Accepted candidates will be founded by a grant that can last from 18 months to 36 months. In addition, candidates can apply for a permanent professor position in the Institute of Computing at UFAM.

1. Requirements
Candidates should speak English and also be able to write scientific reports (articles). As a member of the research group, it is expected hard work, enjoying the idea of working in group and be interested in making friends in Brazil. They should have already published at least one paper in top venues related to network security area and/or wireless network area. Speaking Portuguese is not mandatory. The candidates will work with professors, master students and PhD students that do speak English. As the candidates will be living in Brazil for a period, they will probably be interested in learning Portuguese, but this is not mandatory.

2. Emerging Technologies and System Security Group at UFAM:
The Emerging Technologies & System Security Research Group [ETSS] is a research group from the Federal University of Amazonas in Brazil. Our research focus is to identify emerging technologies and conceive new security solutions that will have a high impact on innovation with industrial relevance. ETSS works on research and development on behalf of government and industry. To keep pace with the rate of change in emerging technologies, we conduct a large amount of research in existing and emerging technology areas including wireless sensor network, emergency network architectures, mobile system and security system.

We collaborate extensively with government, academia and private sector entities including Nokia Institute, Ericsson Research, Telecom ParisTech, INF Infineon, Fraunhofer Institute for applied Information Technology, Instituto Superiore Mario Boella, Université Pierre et Marie Curie -LIP6; Telecom ParisTech; ENS - Ecole Normale Supérieure; Technische Universität München; Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisboa.

The group also offers a good infrastructure for research, including financial support for maintaining labs. The group is currently composed of 04 professors and it is part of the Graduate Program in Computer Science at UFAM, that offers a master degree and a PhD course. The professors also work on three undergraduate programs (Computer Science, Information Systems and Computer Engineering). The group has currently 04 PhD students and 15 master degree students.

3.       Grant:
Accepted candidates will receive R$ 14,000.00 for financial support by the first month and R$ 7,000.00 per month. An extra payment of R$7,000.00 will be made each year.  All free of taxes. The total grant for the first year is then R$ 105,000.00 and the total grant for the second year is R$ 91,000.00. This is all free of taxes. This amount is enough to cover your living expenses in Manaus (Amazonas) considering the cost of life in the city/region. Grants will be paid for a period from 18 months to 36 months.

Interested candidates should send an e-mail to Eduardo Souto (esouto*at*

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