September 2014

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September 2014

The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) took place in Florence, Italy from May 4th – 9th 2014. Recordings of the opening ceremony and plenary sessions are now available for IEEE Signal Processing Society members on SigView the society’s online video archive and are accessible by clicking on the links below.

Conference Opening & Awards

The gender disparity in various disciplines of engineering has been a longstanding issue in the engineering community and IEEE societies alike. While meaningful strides have been taken to increase women’s involvement in STEM fields overall, women are still largely underrepresented in these fields, and especially in higher-ranking and leadership positions. In fact, of the Signal Processing Society’s more than 16,500 members, only 6.6% of them are women.

Each year, IEEE recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions or exercised leadership within IEEE-designated technical areas. The Signal Processing Society is honored to announce three of its members as recipients of the 2015 IEEE Technical Field Awards:

IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award

Please refer to the following webpage for the latest updates on upcoming conferences in Signal Processing.

Now IEEE SPS has built a streamlined mechanism for employers to add a job announcement by simply filling in a simple job opportunity submission Web form at the related TC section pages.

To submit job announcements for a particular Technical Committee, the submission form can be found by visiting the page below and clicking on a particular TC. A link for the form can be found in the sidebar menu of the TC pages. Jobs can also be viewed from its individual TC pages or a combined listing that includes all TC jobs.

The 9th annual Student Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge–Europe (SAUC-E) will be held at the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), from 20 September to 26 September 2014.
Held since 2006, SAUC-E challenges the next generation of engineers to design and build an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) capable of performing realistic missions.

Smart cities have been around for some time now, but the IEEE has gotten involved in the creation and upkeep of smart cities very recently through its Future Directions Committee. Roberto Saracco, an important volunteer of the IEEE Future Directions Committee, explains what a smart city is, how a city can become a smart city, why smart cities are so important today, and how the IEEE is working to create more smart cities in all of its ten regions.

For our September 2014 issue, we cover recent patents granted in the area of compressed sensing. The section below covers patents granted recently for contributions to image enhancement, tomography, image and video compressing & decompressing, signal reconstruction and augmented reality gaming.

The annual election ballots were sent to all eligible voting members via postal mail on 15 August. You can access and return your ballot electronically or use the postage-paid reply envelope included in your ballot package. Ballots must be received by 12 noon CST (17:00 UTC) on 1 October.


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