108 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member!

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108 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member!

The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is honored to announce the elevation of 108 of its members to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. These members have demonstrated outstanding professional performance, exhibited professional maturity through long-term experience, and established themselves as leaders in their respective IEEE-designated fields of interest. Senior Member is the only membership grade that is eligible to be nominated for IEEE Fellow. The elevated Senior Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are:

The elevated Senior Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are:

Dr. Alberto Abad Dr. Jumana Abu-Khalaf
Dr. Ahti Ainomae
Dr. Mahnoosh Alizadeh
Dr. Ammar Alkahtani
Dr. Nasar Aldian Ambark Shashoa
Dr. Jonathan Ashdown
Dr. Alaknanda Ashok
Dr. Eduardo Avendano Fernandez
Dr. Fahd Banakhr
Dr. Arijit Biswas
Dr. Bosko Bozilovic
Dr. C Brown
Dr. S S Krishna Chaitanya Bulusu
Dr. Binning Chen
Dr. Yun Chen
Dr. Taehee Cho
Dr. Rajlaxmi Chouhan
Dr. Kobi Cohen
Dr. Atul Divekar
Dr. Richard Dorrance
Dr. Luke Dosiek
Dr. Jun Du
Dr. Glenn Easley
Dr. Terry Foreman
Dr. Keiichi Funaki
Dr. Andrea Fusiello
Dr. Hong-Seng Gan
Dr. Juhi Gupta
Dr. Kyu Jeong Han
Dr. C Hanuman
Dr. William Hartmann
Dr. Taufiq HasanAlBanna
Dr. Ramanna Havinal
Dr. Lei He
Dr. Philipp Heidenreich
Dr. Richard Heusdens
Dr. Mingyi Hong
Dr. Wei Hu
Dr. Furong Huang
Dr. Kun Huang
Dr. Yan Huang
Dr. Mahdi Imani
Dr. Erhan Ince
Dr. Kenichi Ishiga
Dr. Andi Jakupi
Dr. P Janardhanan
Dr. Amit Joshi
Dr. Ante Jukic
Dr. Rajeswari K
Dr. John Kaewell
Dr. Krishna Kamath Koteshwara
Dr. Kevin Kelly
Dr. Rameshchandra Ketharaju
Dr. Ina Kodrasi
Dr. Anil Kumar
Dr. Maria Ledesma-Carbayo
Dr. Jinyu Li
Dr. Yue nan Li
Dr. Chih-Yang Lin
Dr. Lei Liu
Dr. Kung Chi Cinnati Loi
Dr. Haiping Lu
Dr. Sinith M S
Dr. Siwei Ma
Dr. Venkata Subbarao Mandava
Dr. Lucio Marcenaro
Dr. Siti Armiza Mohd Aris
Dr. Ramalakshmi N
Dr. P Nagabhushan
Dr. Arie Nakhmani
Dr. Ejay Nsugbe
Dr. David Ohm
Dr. Joanna Olszewska
Dr. Palanisamy P
Dr. Jayanthi P.N
Dr. Hamid Palangi
Dr. Dragana Peric
Dr. Marius Pesavento
Dr. Keerthana Prasad
Dr. Chinthaka Premachandra
Dr. Kishore Puli
Dr. Yuntao Qian
Dr. Narasimhan Raaj
Dr. Gordon Ramsay
Dr. Ahmad Rateb
Dr. Kamran Raza
Dr. Hamed Rezazadegan Tavakoli
Dr. Alexis Rivera
Dr. Marek Rupniewski
Dr. Michalis Savelonas
Dr. Adrian Schumacher
Dr. Letha Sreedharan
Dr. Ashwin Swaminathan
Dr. Mehrdad Teratani
Dr. Quang Minh Tieng
Dr. Toshiyuki Uto
Dr. Pritish Varadwaj
Dr. Naveen Verma
Dr. Jiji Victor
Dr. Wenming Yang
Dr. Ezzeddine Zagrouba
Dr. Heiga Zen
Dr. Amer Zerek
Dr. Yu Zhang
Dr. Hong Zhao
Dr. Xibin Zhao
Dr. Xichuan Zhou

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