IEEE KSIT-SPS Chapter Event Highlights

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IEEE KSIT-SPS Chapter Event Highlights

The K. S. Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India Event Highlights (2022-2023)

Orphanage Visit

On 1st July 2023, IEEE KSIT SPS Chapter along with the Dept of  Electronics and Communication organized an orphanage visit.

The orphanage center was “Sampattu”. There were 9 volunteers in total who went to the center. The volunteers offered lunch to the  orphanage children as it was Lunchtime. After lunch, volunteers  showcase the mini-project which they developed. Finally, the  volunteers gave the sports items to the orphanage children.



Embrace Equity

On 8th March 2023, IEEE KSIT SPS Chapter along with the  Department of Electronics and Communication  conducted a Guest  talk on Embrace Equity. The guest for the day was Mrs Kripa  Venkatachalam. The guest spoke about her journey in the VLSI field and the hardships that she had to face as a woman. She encouraged  women to ask more questions and not let the male patriarchy stop  them from achieving their dreams. She spoke about the progress that has been made towards gender equality and acknowledged the work  that still needs to be done. She reminded us of the vital role women  play in our society.



Workshop on Robotics and Aeromodelling

The IEEE KSIT SPS Chapter in association with Garut Aeromodelling Club and the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, organized a two-day workshop on Robotics and Aeromodelling on 26th and 27th December 2022. The event featured external trainers who instructed students on the principles of  aeromodelling and robotics. Approximately 20 teams, each comprising 40 members, took part in the workshop. On the first day of the workshop, the attendees were introduced to the basics of aerodynamics and were guided in the construction of Hydro Rocket Models. The students then had the opportunity to launch their completed rockets. On the second day, further computer vision projects were demonstrated, and the students were trained on the use of the Intel Galileo Board to build robotics-related mini-projects. The resource person was Nishanth K from Keysight Technologies. 

Induction and Membership Drive

On 04th, 05th , and 08th September 2023, IEEE EXECOM of KSIT SB conducted the Induction program for   the First Year Students  who joined KSIT. During the Induction Program, EXECOM  members explained the importance of joining the IEEE for their careers and explained various events organized by IEEE  KSIT SB to motivate them to take up IEEE membership along  with SPS.



IEEE Signal Processing Society Day (IEEE SPS Day)

KSIT IEEE SPS Chapter in association with Department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering  organized SPS Day  on 2nd June 2023. This day was celebrated to mark the 75 years  of Signal Processing Society. Three events were organized in the  morning session to mark this day. An Ideathon, Poster  Presentation and a Quiz. Around 50 students participated in these  events. Students participated in groups of two each. A winner and a runner up were awarded for each of the three events. These   events were followed with technical talk in the afternoon session  by Mr. Harish Venugopal, Senior Project Manager, Harman  International.



Project Exhibition

Project exhibition for final year students was conducted on April 30th, 2023. The students exhibited and demonstrated their working models along with the posters. There were 28 teams, with around 3-4 students in a team. The students explained their projects, their implementation methodology, and their applications to the  judge. Students presented the project in the areas of Embedded Systems, Communication Systems, Image Processing, Signal Processing, and Renewable energy. The projects were judged based on the Depth of knowledge, Technology and Modern Tool Usage, Impact on Society and environment, Communication Skills Innovation, and demonstration. The event provided a great platform for the students to exhibit the work done, showcase their technical talents, and improve communication skills which help in lifelong learning. 





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