IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue on Hypercomplex Signal and Image Processing

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IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Special Issue on Hypercomplex Signal and Image Processing

Nektarios (Nek) Valous

IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Current Issue

Hypercomplex signal and image processing is a fascinating field that extends upon conventional methods by using hypercomplex numbers in a unified framework for algebra and geometry. Methodologies that are developed within this field can lead to more effective and powerful ways to analyze signals and images.

The special issue is divided into two parts and is focused on current advances and applications in computational signal and image processing in the hypercomplex domain (e.g. quaternions, Clifford algebras, octonions, etc.). The readers would benefit from the cross-pollination between mathematically-driven and computer science/engineering-driven approaches, as well as subject matter that is impactful to the research community with exciting real-world applications. The first part of the special issue offers good coverage of the field with seven articles that emphasize different aspects of the analysis of signals and images in the hypercomplex domain, like color image processing, signal filtering, and machine learning.

Lead guest editor: Nektarios (Nek) Valous, National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT), Heidelberg Germany

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