Educating in the Age of AI

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Educating in the Age of AI

Charles Casimiro Cavalcante

How did an "old dog" signal processing professor approach learning and teaching the "new tricks" of generative AI? Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute professor, Rich Radke, reflects on his experience teaching a new course called “Computational Creativity” in a new article in the current issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.The course covers cutting-edge generative modeling tools and their impact on art, education, law, and ethics. Read the SP Education full article to learn about Prof. Radke’s thought process, course design, and post-class observations and the questions he came up with about educators’ role in the age of generative AI. Challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving education landscape are also the topic of discussion in the Editor-in-Chief’s editorial.

Image below is an anime-style rendition of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus from a student project,
created using generative video synthesis, from R. Radke.

Visit the IEEEXplore to read the articles, in the current IEEE Signal Processing Magazine special Issue on Hypercomplex Signal and Image Processing



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