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Ph.D Theses

Sevinc Bayram (Polytechnic Institute of New York University), “Applications of multimedia forensics”, Advisor: Prof. Nasir Memon (2012)

Fanyu Kong (Michigan Technological University), “Automatic Food Intake Assessment Using Camera Phones”, Advisor: Jindong Tan (2012)

Soroush Javidi (Imperial College), “Adaptive Signal Processing for Noncircular Complex Data”, Advisor: Prof. Danilo P. Mandic (2012)

Narresh Vankayalapati (University of Rhode Island), “Direct position detection and localization of emitters using distributed sensors”, Advisor: Prof. Steven Kay, (2012)

Yuhong Liu (University of Rhode Island), “Security and Applications of Digital Trust and Reputation” (2012),  Advisor: Prof. Yan Lindsay Sun

Steven Kiemyang Tjoa (University of Maryland), “Sparse and nonnegative factorizations for music understanding” (2011), Advisor: Prof. K. J. Ray Liu

Vijayaraghavan Thirumalai (EPFL, Switzerland), “Distributed Compressed Representation of Correlated Image Sets”, Advisor: Prof. Pascal Frossard (2012)

Alexander Bertrand (University of Leuven) ``Signal processing algorithms for wireless acoustic sensor networks``, Advisor: Prof. Marc Moonen (2011).

Emil Björnson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) "Multiantenna Cellular Communications: Channel Estimation, Feedback, and Resource Allocation", Advisors: Profs. Björn Ottersten and Mats Bengtsson (2011)

Michael T. Loiacono (Rutgers University) “Cross-layer performance analysis and adaptation for real-time wireless video streaming”, Advisor: Prof. Wade Trappe (2011)


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