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PhD Theses

Zhefeng Li (University of Delaware), “Space-time/frequency Coded MIMO and Cooperative OFDM Systems”, Advisor: Prof. Xia, Xiang-Gen (2010)

Mahsa Talebpourazad (University of British Columbia), "3D-TV Content Generation and Multi-View Video Coding" (2010). Advisor: Rabab Ward (2010).

May-chen Kuo (University of Southern California), “Mocap Data Compression: Algorithms and Performance Evaluation” Advisor: C.-C. Jay Kuo (2010)

The richness of a motion capture (mocap) database is essential to motion synthesis applications, especially in the entertainment industry. The constraints on the size of the mocap collection to be used and the need for efficient database management drive the need for an effective compression scheme.

John M. O' Toole (University of Queensland), “Discrete Quadratic Time-frequency Distributions: Definition, Computation, and a Newborn Electroencephalogram Application”, Primary Advisor: Dr. Paul Colditz, Associated Advisors:  Dr. Mostefa Mesbah and Dr. Boualem Boashash (2009)

Yicong Zhou (Tufts University), “Multimedia Security System for Security and Medical Applications”, Advisor: Dr. Karen Panetta and Dr. Sos Agaian (2010)

Vinay Melkote (University of California, Santa Barbara),Optimal Delayed Decisions in Encoding and Decoding of Audio Signals and General Sources”, Advisor: Kenneth Rose (2010)

Xiaosong Lou (University of Southern California), “Peer-to-peer content networking with copyright protection and jitter-free streaming”, Advisor: Kai Hwang, 2009

P2P video streaming system has become popular among Internet users in recent years. This thesis studies two critical issues and proposes new solutions to P2P content distribution: copyright protection and jitter-free streaming.

Ping-Hao Wu (University of Southern California), “Efficient Management Techniques for Large Scale Video” Advisor: C.-C. Jay Kuo (2010)



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