Activity Report from the DISPS-TC

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Activity Report from the DISPS-TC

By Jarmo Takala (DISPS Liaison to E-Newsletter)

Jarmo TakalaThe Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems Technical Committee (DISPS TC) promotes and supports activities of SPS in several areas including: (i) design, development and implementation of signal processing systems, (ii) design of algorithms with implementation in mind, and design of software tools and methodologies to support the design of signal processing systems.

Recently four DISPS TC members / Advisory Board members were elected as IEEE Fellows:

  • Wayne Burleson “for contributions in integrated circuit design and signal processing”,
  • Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya “for contributions to design optimization for signal processing”,
  • Vijaykrishnan Narayanan “for contributions to power-aware systems and estimation tools”, and
  • Myong Hoon Sunwoo for “contributions to multimedia and communications”.

The TC members congratulate them for this distinction.

In Fall 2010, DISPS TC was seeking new members and the Nomination and Election subcommittee received 25 nominations before the deadline of October 22. The TC elected the following 11 new members for a 3-year term starting at 2011:

  1. Mladen Berekovic (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany),
  2. Joseph R. Cavallaro (Rice University, Houston, TX),
  3. Shao-Yi Chien (National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan),
  4. Philippe Coussy (Universite de Bretagne-Sud, Lorient Cedex, France),
  5. Sangjin Hong (Stony Brook University, NY),
  6. Hiroshi Kawaguchi (Kobe University, Japan),
  7. Hanho Lee (Inha University, Incheon, Korea),
  8. Naveen Verma (Princeton University, NJ),
  9. Lei Wang (University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT),
  10. Zhongfeng Wang (Broadcom Corp, Irvine, CA), and
  11. Marilyn Wolf (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA).

In addition, Vassilis Paliouras (University of Patras, Greece) was elected for his second term. Nominations for new members for 2012 will be collected next Fall. The DISPS TC has also welcomed affiliate and student affiliate members.

The DISPS TC is active with the annual SPS flagship conference — International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP'11). This year’s ICASSP in Prague, Czech Republic, DISPS organizes the session “Trends in Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems” on Friday May 27, which is part of the “Trends in Signal Processing” series. The session is moderated by DISPS TC Chair Wonyong Sung and the expert summaries are provided by Liang-Gee Chen, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan and Mohammad M. Mansour, American University of Beirut, Lebanon. The DISPS TC coordinates the review for the Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems track and in Prague there are two lecture sessions and three poster sessions related to the DISPS track.

The DISPS TC sponsors the IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS) and this year the Workshop will be held in Beirut, Lebanon on October 4-7. The paper submission deadline is April 9. The SiPS Workshop has tradition of awarding the best student paper with the Bob Owens Memorial Paper Award.

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