Call for Expressions of Interest on AASP Challenge

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Call for Expressions of Interest on AASP Challenge

On behalf of the IEEE Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing Technical Committee, I am happy to announce a new challenge :

AASP Challenge: Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events

Discussion: Jul-Sep 2012

Call: Nov 2012

Deadline: 31 March 2013

Presentation: At WASPAA 2013 (Oct 2013, New Paltz, NY, USA)

If you are interested in the challenge, and would like to participate in a discussion phase ahead of the formal call, please visit the challenge web page above and subscribe to the aasp-challenge mailing list.

This AASP Challenge will be a public challenge for the evaluation of the performance of systems for the detection and classification of acoustic events and audio scenes. The challenge includes a set of tasks for the detection and classification of acoustic scenes and events and its goal is to provide a focus of attention for the scientific community in developing systems for computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) that will encourage sharing of ideas and improve the state of the art, potentially leading to the development of systems that achieve performance closer to that of humans.

This challenge will help the research community move forward by providing a focus for better defining the specific tasks, and will also provide incentive for researchers to actively pursue research on this field. Finally, it will offer a reference point for future systems developed to perform similar tasks and it will provide the community with a high quality database for future research.

There will be a discussion phase where potential participants are invited to contribute their ideas, ending on 30th September 2012. The deadline for code submission is 31st March 2013. Results will be presented at a special session in WASPAA 2013 (; participants are invited to present a poster at a special session. Also, authors of novel work are encouraged to submit their work as a regular paper at WASPAA 2013.

For more details as well as a copy of the full proposal of the challenge please visit:

If you are interested in the challenge, please subscribe to the aasp-challenge mailing list in order to participate in the discussion phase and to receive news about the challenge (details can be found on the page above).

This challenge is part of the AASP challenge series, see also:

Please feel free to circulate this e-mail to others you think might be interested.


On behalf of the challenge organisers,

Dimitrios Giannoulis

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