Marie Curie Researcher (Optical Engineering and Image Processing), Tampere University of Technology

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Marie Curie Researcher (Optical Engineering and Image Processing), Tampere University of Technology

Title: Marie Curie Researcher (Optical Engineering and Image Processing)

Description of the unit: The Department of Signal Processing in TUT is one of the world's prominent research organizations in the field, unifying signal processing algorithms with bioinformatics, telecommunications and networked multimedia. PROLIGHT (Modern Signal Processing Methods for Ultra-Realistic Light-Field Displays) is a four-year project between TUT and Holografika, Hungary. The project is funded by Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnership Pathways (IAPP). The focus of the project is on advancing the research and development in the area of visual media through developing modern signal processing methods for ultra-realistic light field displays.  For more information about the PROLIGHT-IAPP action, please refer to

Job description: The research tasks assumed for the position include developing new techniques for multi-modal sensing of 3D scenes by applying an interdisciplinary approach, namely, merging modern optical designs with advanced inverse image reconstruction methods. The employed researcher will be part of the 3D Media Group at the Department of Signal Processing and will work closely with experts in the area of multi-dimensional signal processing.

Salary: Salary is approximately 5200€/month, including Marie Curie mobility allowance. The salary is determined according to EU-FP7 regulations for Marie Curie Actions as well as according to TUT’s regulations for the equivalent position.

Details about the job requirement can be found at IEEE job site post.

For more information, please contact: Professor Atanas Gotchev, tel. +358 40 8490733, email:

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