February 2015

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February 2015

For our February 2015 issue, we cover recent patents granted in the area of infrared imaging and analysis. The section below covers patents granted recently in the fields of vehicle speed detection, analyzing electroluminescence samples, terahertz imaging systems, IR imaging devices and  vehicle mounted communication systems.

Zhao, Xiaochuan, (University of California, Los Angeles) “Learning under Imperfections by Networked Agents” (2015)  Advisor: Ali H. Sayed

Li, Kang (Northeastern University) “Video event recognition and prediction based on temporal structure analysis”, Advisor: Fu, Yun

Software defined radio (SDR) is an architecture for designing more flexibility and generalized hardware for communication systems, radar, sonar or remote sensing systems making more intelligent and multi-function radio systems possible. In the January 2015 issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE , two articles present surveys in the fields of software defined networking (SDN) and the spectrum management for radar systems which is one of the key techniques for radar and wireless communication.

In this series, we introduce a scientist, who makes use of signal processing techniques for his research findings, by means of an interview. This month, we are happy to introduce Dr. Stefano Coraluppi from Systems & Technology Research, whose research interests mainly focus on multi-target tracking.

The December edition of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter is live and covers a microgrid experience in Tianjin, building management systems, smart substations, and a look at what the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative is planning for 2015.

As a special benefit to IEEE members for the month of December, IEEE-USA will offer “Starting Your Start-Up -- Book 2: Market Size and Strategy,” by Tanya Candia. The “Starting Your Start-Up” e-book series is designed for the engineer or entrepreneur who has a promising product or service idea, but no real marketing expertise. “Book 2: Market Size and Strategy” helps flesh out the initial plan and find the real market size, even when dealing with a disruptive technology in which market size data is hard to find.

The IEEE Internet of Things Initiative (IoT) announced it has launched its new IEEE IoT eNewsletter, a bi-monthly online publication highlighting important global IoT-related technology developments, innovations, and trends from the world's top-subject matter experts, researchers, and industry practitioners.

The e-Membership program started as a pilot in 2011. The intent of the pilot was to test the impact of substantially reduced dues on membership recruitment and retention in countries where the per capita gross domestic product is US$15,000 or less. Data has shown that there was no significant increase on recruitment or retention during this period.

IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events introduces RegOnline, a new affordable event registration software option. RegOnline is a low-cost, do-it-yourself system that is simple and easy to manage for small scale events.

Conference organizers who have budget constraints can utilize all of the features and benefits of this do-it-yourself event registration option at a reasonable price.


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