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News from the Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee

Published in TC News on 1 November 2015

by Umit Batur (Chair of the IDSP-SC)

The Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee (IDSP-SC) promotes emerging signal processing applications in industry and encourages stronger interaction between academic and industry signal processing researchers by organizing industry focused sessions at signal processing society conferences.

TC Members

IDSP-SC currently includes 23 members representing a broad range of industry and academic institutions throughout the world. Members are elected for a 3-year term for a maximum of 2 terms. IDSP-SC recently completed its annual elections of new TC members. We are pleased to welcome five newly elected members: Ashok Veeraraghavan (Rice University), Mashhour Solh (Amazon Lab 126), Peter Li (Li Creative Technologies), Vasanthan Raghavan (Qualcomm Flarion Technologies), and Vivek Goyal (Boston University). We also welcome our newly elected vice-chair, Fa-Long Luo (Element CXI and Anyka), who will become the chair of the committee at Jan 1st, 2017, for a two year term.

Industry activity in IEEE Signal Processing Society conferences

IDSP-SC strongly supports industry participation in signal processing society conferences ICASSP, ICIP, and GlobalSIP. IDSP-SC promotes the exchange of ideas between academic and industry researchers by organizing sessions focused on signal processing algorithms that can be applied to real world problems in the next few years. IDSP-SC is currently going through the paper reviews for the industry signal processing session at ICASSP 2016 in Shanghai. We are also working on proposing an industry signal processing focused symposium that will include a lively exchange of ideas on hot topics in industry and demonstrations of innovative signal processing algorithms in emerging applications.

We are always looking for new members from industry and academia to help us organize more effective industry focused sessions at signal processing society conferences. If you are interested to participate, please contact the current chair, Umit Batur, via email:

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