Call for Nominations: Fellow Evaluation Committee

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Call for Nominations: Fellow Evaluation Committee

Call for Nomination Deadline: 30 September 2020


The SPS Fellow Evaluation Committee is seeking nominations for four new members of the 2021 Fellow Evaluation Committee. The term of appointment is one year, renewable for up to three consecutive years (1 January 2021-31 December 2021). The position is responsible for evaluating nominations for IEEE Fellow that are referred for review by the IEEE Fellow Committee and providing IEEE Judges with a critical evaluation and assessment of nominees referred to the Society by the nominator. 

The Board of Governors recently approved that the composition of the Awards Board, Nominations & Appointments Committee, and Fellow Evaluation committee should reflect the technical diversity of the Society. Accordingly, nominations and appointments of nominees should reflect a balance between the three below noted clusters of technical areas. 

Cluster 1:  Speech, Audio, Language, Industry
Speech and Language Processing
Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing
Applied Signal Processing Systems

Cluster 2: Imaging, Video, Multimedia, Forensics
Bio Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee
Computational Imaging
Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing
Multimedia Signal Processing
Information Forensics and Security

Cluster 3:  ML, SAM, COM, SPTM
Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Sensor Array and Multichannel
Signal Processing for Communications and Networking
Signal Processing Theory and Methods

For the Fellow Evaluation Committee to retain the cluster balance, nominations in the following clusters are now being requested:

  • Two open positions for Cluster 3
  • One open position for Cluster 2
  • One open position for any Cluster.

When making nominations, please also keep the other areas of diversity in mind, such as gender, industry/academia and regional diversity. Nominees in the above noted clusters from Regions 8, 9 and 10 are encouraged. 

Note: Candidates must be an active IEEE Fellow, an active member of the Society in good standing and cannot be a member of the IEEE Fellow Committee or the IEEE Board of Directors.

All nominations should be sent to Theresa Argiropoulos at no later than WEDNESDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2020.  Please provide the following information for the nominee:

  • Name
  • IEEE member number
  • Cluster number and technical area
  • Contact information of the nominee
  • Nominee’s biographical information, which includes information about the individual’s current activities in the Signal Processing Society, the IEEE, or other professional societies.

You can find the current list of the Fellow Evaluation Committee members on the Standing Committees page.

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