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News and Resources for Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

News & Announcements


  • Society News: 2008 SPS award nomination deadline approaching

  • Conference News: ICASSP'09 Taipei deadline approaching; Upcoming ICIP'08 in San Diego

  • Publication News: IEEE Signal Processing Letters going E-Publication; Special issue deadlines

  • TC News: Exclusive report from Design & Implementation of Signal Processing Systems TC

  • Tech Trends/Standards: SP for cognitive assistive technologies; Mobile broadcast standards


  • Society News: Member-at-Large election results announced

  • Publication News: Check out newly announced special issue call-for-papers

  • TC News: Technical committees establish liaison to E-Newsletter

  • Chapter News: Upcoming distinguished lectures and chapter events

  • Tech Trends/Standards: Ultra wideband WiMedia standard

  • Education News: Purdue honors four SPS members with chair & distinguished professorships


  • SPS Member Achievement: 34 SPS members elevated to IEEE Fellow Class of 2009

  • Society News: IEEE Member Login Now Active on SPS Website

  • Conference News: GENSIPS coming to Minneapolis; Call-for-papers for numerous 2009 events

  • Publication News: Check out call-for-papers of special issues

  • TC News: News update from Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee

  • Chapter News: Upcoming distinguished lectures and chapter events


  • Society News: SPS Board of Governors welcomes new Officers and Members-at-Large

  • Call for Nominations: BoG Members-at-Large and Editors-in-Chief of two journals

  • Conference News: Call-for-Papers for numerous 2009 events

  • Publication News: New Editors-in-Chief for five SPS publications; Special Issue opportunities

  • TC News: IMDSP TC renamed as Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing TC

  • Distinguished Lecturers: 2009 Class of Distinguished Lecturers announced


  • Society News: 2008 SPS awards announced; Burrus and Makhoul honored by IEEE awards

  • Nomination Deadlines Approaching: BoG Members-at-Large and IEEE Fellows Class of 2010

  • Conference News: Inaugural Workshop on Information Forensics & Security

  • Publication News: Special Issue opportunities; Links to award-winning publications

  • TC Updates: Information Forensics and Security TC and SP for Communications/Networking TC


  • Society News: World changing SP research featured in IEEE 125th anniversary celebration; Forney honored by IEEE

  • Conference News: ICASSP 2009 introduces Thematic Symposia; Call for E-News Correspondent; SPAWC 2009 Call for Participation

  • Publication News: Special Issue opportunities; Best Paper nomination for Trans. on Multimedia

  • TC News: Activity reports by Audio & Electroacoustics TC and Speech & Language Processing TC


  • Society News: Nominations open for 2009 SPS Awards and 2010 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Conference News: ISCCSP 2010 going to Cyprus; Upcoming conference deadlines

  • Publication News: Concurrent Special Issues on Digital Forensics by two magazines

  • TC News: Exclusive activity reports from SAM, SPTM, and MLSP TCs

  • Chapter and DL News: SPS Distinguished Lectures and chapter events around the world

  • Tech Trends: A View of the Future of Signal Processing


  • Society News: IEEE celebrates 125th anniversary; BoG elected new SPS officers

  • Conference News: ICASSP'09 brought a grand celebration of SP advances & achievements

  • Publication News: Call-for-Papers for new Special Issue opportunities

  • TC News: Exclusive reports from Industry DSP Technology SC and Bio Imaging & SP TC

  • Chapter News: Dadi Institute in India established IEEE SPS Student Branch Chapter

Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter June 2009

  • Society News: Election of SPS Members-at-Large; Content Gazette as new feature for Members

  • Call for nominations for IEEE Medals, SPS Awards, and 2010 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Conference News: IEEE Thematic Meetings on Signal Processing to Launch in 2010

  • Publication News: Introducing Overview Articles in Signal Processing Transactions

  • TC Updates on Multimedia Signal Processing and Design & Implementation of SP Systems


Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter July & August 2009

  • Society News: SPS Members Furui, Goodwin, and Wilson Receive IEEE Technical Field Awards

  • Deadline Reminders for Members-at-Large Election and SPS 2009 Award Nominations

  • Conference News: Vision and Plan for Launching IEEE Thematic Meetings on Signal Processing

  • Publication News: Special Issue Opportunities // Contents At-a-Glance of SPS Journals


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