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10 years of news and resources for members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society

News & Announcements


  • Society News: Member-at-Large election results announced

  • Publication News: Check out newly announced special issue call-for-papers

  • TC News: Technical committees establish liaison to E-Newsletter

  • Chapter News: Upcoming distinguished lectures and chapter events

  • Tech Trends/Standards: Ultra wideband WiMedia standard

  • Education News: Purdue honors four SPS members with chair & distinguished professorships


  • SPS Member Achievement: 34 SPS members elevated to IEEE Fellow Class of 2009

  • Society News: IEEE Member Login Now Active on SPS Website

  • Conference News: GENSIPS coming to Minneapolis; Call-for-papers for numerous 2009 events

  • Publication News: Check out call-for-papers of special issues

  • TC News: News update from Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee

  • Chapter News: Upcoming distinguished lectures and chapter events


  • Society News: SPS Board of Governors welcomes new Officers and Members-at-Large

  • Call for Nominations: BoG Members-at-Large and Editors-in-Chief of two journals

  • Conference News: Call-for-Papers for numerous 2009 events

  • Publication News: New Editors-in-Chief for five SPS publications; Special Issue opportunities

  • TC News: IMDSP TC renamed as Image, Video, and Multidimensional Signal Processing TC

  • Distinguished Lecturers: 2009 Class of Distinguished Lecturers announced


  • Society News: 2008 SPS awards announced; Burrus and Makhoul honored by IEEE awards

  • Nomination Deadlines Approaching: BoG Members-at-Large and IEEE Fellows Class of 2010

  • Conference News: Inaugural Workshop on Information Forensics & Security

  • Publication News: Special Issue opportunities; Links to award-winning publications

  • TC Updates: Information Forensics and Security TC and SP for Communications/Networking TC


  • Society News: World changing SP research featured in IEEE 125th anniversary celebration; Forney honored by IEEE

  • Conference News: ICASSP 2009 introduces Thematic Symposia; Call for E-News Correspondent; SPAWC 2009 Call for Participation

  • Publication News: Special Issue opportunities; Best Paper nomination for Trans. on Multimedia

  • TC News: Activity reports by Audio & Electroacoustics TC and Speech & Language Processing TC


  • Society News: Nominations open for 2009 SPS Awards and 2010 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Conference News: ISCCSP 2010 going to Cyprus; Upcoming conference deadlines

  • Publication News: Concurrent Special Issues on Digital Forensics by two magazines

  • TC News: Exclusive activity reports from SAM, SPTM, and MLSP TCs

  • Chapter and DL News: SPS Distinguished Lectures and chapter events around the world

  • Tech Trends: A View of the Future of Signal Processing


  • Society News: IEEE celebrates 125th anniversary; BoG elected new SPS officers

  • Conference News: ICASSP'09 brought a grand celebration of SP advances & achievements

  • Publication News: Call-for-Papers for new Special Issue opportunities

  • TC News: Exclusive reports from Industry DSP Technology SC and Bio Imaging & SP TC

  • Chapter News: Dadi Institute in India established IEEE SPS Student Branch Chapter

Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter June 2009

  • Society News: Election of SPS Members-at-Large; Content Gazette as new feature for Members

  • Call for nominations for IEEE Medals, SPS Awards, and 2010 Distinguished Lecturers

  • Conference News: IEEE Thematic Meetings on Signal Processing to Launch in 2010

  • Publication News: Introducing Overview Articles in Signal Processing Transactions

  • TC Updates on Multimedia Signal Processing and Design & Implementation of SP Systems


Inside Signal Processing E-Newsletter July & August 2009

  • Society News: SPS Members Furui, Goodwin, and Wilson Receive IEEE Technical Field Awards

  • Deadline Reminders for Members-at-Large Election and SPS 2009 Award Nominations

  • Conference News: Vision and Plan for Launching IEEE Thematic Meetings on Signal Processing

  • Publication News: Special Issue Opportunities // Contents At-a-Glance of SPS Journals

The IEEE Signal Processing Society Chapter of the Year Award will be presented for the seventh time in 2018. The award will be presented annually to a Chapter that has provided their membership with the highest quality of programs, activities and services. Nominations should be submitted to Theresa Argiropoulos (, who will collect the nominations on behalf of Nikos Sidiropoulos, Vice President-Membership. Nominations must be received no later than 15 October 2017.


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