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Publications News

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are appearing everywhere: in the air, on the road, and even underground and underwater. Signal processing is helping to guide these vehicles more accurately, which ensures their safety and also protects the people who encounter them.

Compressive sensing (CS) theory opens promising avenues toward building rapid and energy-efficient sensing systems in a wide range of applications that require inherently high temporal and/or spatial resolution while exhibiting a sparse signal structure.

Industrial control systems (ICSs) manage and monitor critical civil or military infrastructure, such as water treatment facilities, power plants, electricity grids, transportation systems, oil and gas refineries, and health care. Because they are so important, ICSs are becoming attractive targets for malicious attacks that could lead to catastrophic failures with substantive impacts.

The list of tables of contents (TOCs) are now available for February 2019. The TOCs are formatted to the style of its publication and offers not only links to the full issue, but also to the individual articles in IEEEXplore®. 

Subspace learning theory for dimensionality reduction was initiated with the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) formulation proposed by Pearson in 1901. 

The IEEE Transactions on Multimedia invites nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief for a 3-year term starting 1 January 2020. Nominations should be submitted to the Steering Committee Chair, Martin Reisslein, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, via

We are pleased to announce that, as of January 2019, the IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks has formally been accepted for indexing by the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science.

Mobile communication continues to play an important role in the modern economy, including consumer, health, education, logistics, and other major industries. At the same time, the current Internet has created a key infrastructure component for our modern world, having an impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives. The Internet democratized access to information and has enabled emerging economies to participate in the modern global economy. We are now approaching the next big wave of the Internet innovation: the Tactile Internet.

Lotfi A. Zadeh was one of the most impressive researchers of our modern era. Not only did he create a groundbreaking theory, but he also paved the way for an incredible variety of its applications, ranging from medicine and economy to large-scale scientific, industrial, and commercial applications.

We are pleased to announce that, as of October 2018, the IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging has formally been accepted for indexing by the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science.


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