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SPS Newsletter Article

Compressive sensing (CS) theory opens promising avenues toward building rapid and energy-efficient sensing systems in a wide range of applications that require inherently high temporal and/or spatial resolution while exhibiting a sparse signal structure.

Optical fiber communication systems provide the infrastructure for high-capacity data transfer. The field has shown dramatic increases in transmission capacity, and yet the demand for capacity also grows significantly. We are in a situation in which systems must continually grow in capacity to keep pace with the demand, thereby necessitating continual innovation and technical advances.

More than one million fetal deaths occur in the United States every year. Monitoring the long-term heart rate variability provides a great amount of information about the fetal health condition which requires continuous monitoring of the fetal heart rate.

Malaysia Chapter Receives the 2018 Chapter of the Year Award! This was one of the highlighted top articles as read in the Inside the Signal Processing Newsletter, December 2018 edition. The news was really a big surprise for us as we did not expect it at all. 

In accordance with the bylaws of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, the membership will elect, by direct ballot, THREE Members-at-Large to the Board of Governors for three-year terms commencing 1 January 2020 and ending 31 December 2022, as well as TWO Regional Directors-at-Large...

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) hold tremendous potential to advance our society and are commonly seen as the 4th major disruptive technology wave after PC, the Internet/Web, and mobile.

As a reminder for continuing chapter chairs and for incoming chapter chairs for 2019, we would like to highlight a valuable resource available to you. Launched last year was IEEE OU Analytics, a web-based business intelligence tool to deliver essential metrics...

Please be sure to close out your 2018 meetings in order to qualify for your Chapter rebate. The deadline for submitting annual financial reports is the last day of February, and the deadline for annual officer and meeting reports is 15 March. 

The IEEE Signal Processing Society is happy to announce the addition of eleven new Chapters formed in 2018. We welcome the following SPS Chapters and wish them great success in their future activities and events:

Dear esteemed members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society:

Let me first wish you all a prosperous 2019 and great success in your endeavors. I am writing to share some important news with you.

The Signal Processing Society is striving to engage its members more directly and also more strongly in Society affairs and activities. Our Society is blessed with accomplished and thoughtful individuals like you. Your opinion is an asset and we value it.



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