News from the Industry Digital Signal Processing Technology (IDSP) Standing Committee

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News from the Industry Digital Signal Processing Technology (IDSP) Standing Committee

Contributed by Jon McElvain. mcelvain_thumbnail

The Industry Digital Signal Processing Technology (IDSP) Standing Committee was formed in 1999 to promote industry participation in the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) and particularly in ICASSP.  It was officially recognized as a standing committee of the SPS Conference Board in May 2002.

The IDSP SC has organized the Industry Technology Track (ITT) at ICASSP since 1999.  Fields of interest span those covered by the Technical Committees of the SP Society but special emphasis is placed on practical industry applications of signal and image processing.  Please see the ITT EDICS for specific areas of interest which cover 10 broad categories and 36 subcategories.

The IDSP SC is organized similarly to a technical committee, with committee members elected from SPS membership in industry, government, or academia (with strong industrial involvement).  According to the recently-adopted SPS by-laws, the Chair and Vice Chair are elected from among the membership for one-year terms.  Currently, Jon McElvain (Digital Imaging Systems) is Chair and Fa-Long Luo (Element CXI) is Vice-Chair.  At this time, there are 15 active members, with 12 of those from industry, two from academia, and one from U.S. government research. Since the fall of 2009, the IDSP SC added three new members: Marie-Jose Monpetit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Ling Shao (University of Sheffield, UK), and Raghuveer Rao (U.S. Air Force Research Labs).

The charter of IDSP is in general to serve the industrial sector of the SPS membership, and member responsibilities include: reviewing papers for conferences (including ICASSP ITT and others), promoting activities in the Signal Processing Society related to industry, promoting papers with strong industrial application content and nominating them for awards, and organizing special sessions and workshops on industrial DSP technology.

The IDSP SC recently completed reviews for the ITT track of the 2010 ICASSP conference to be held in Dallas, TX. A total of 40 papers were reviewed, and the ITT will have one lecture and one poster session with papers focusing on industrial applications of signal and image processing. Since its inception, the IDSP SC has organized a special session at ICASSP, as well as special industry-related issues of the Signal Processing Magazine;  another special issue is being planned for 2010.

Individuals interested in involvement with the Industry DSP Technology Standing Committee can contact Jon McElvain; new ideas and perspectives are welcome, and we are always looking for ways to enhance the services available to the SPS, particularly for those with an industrial affiliation.


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