Recent Patents in Signal Processing (November 2014) – Signal Processing for Big Data

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Recent Patents in Signal Processing (November 2014) – Signal Processing for Big Data

For our November 2014 issue, we cover recent patents granted in the area of Signal Processing for Big Data. The section below covers patents granted recently for system security, storage management, portable audio synthesis, parallel signal processing and securing secret of users.

Real time security, integrity, and reliability postures of operational (OT), information (IT), and security (ST) systems, as well as slower changing security and operational blueprint, policies, processes, and rules governing the enterprise security and business risk management process, dynamically evolve and adapt to domain, context, and situational awareness, as well as the controls implemented across the operational and information systems that are controlled. Embodiments of the invention no. 8,856,936  are systematized and pervasively applied across interconnected, interdependent, and diverse operational, information, and security systems to mitigate system-wide business risk, to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and to enhance security control which conventional perimeter, network, or host based control and protection schemes cannot successfully perform.

Patent no. 8,819,335 proposes a system and method for providing enhanced data processing and analysis in an infrastructure for distributed computing and large-scale data processing. This infrastructure uses the Hadoop.TM. framework to divide an application into a large number of small fragments of work, each of which may be performed on one of a large number of compute nodes. The work may involve map tasks and reduce tasks which may be used to categorize and analyze large amounts of data in distributed systems. This infrastructure includes a cluster with a master node and a plurality of slave nodes. The slave nodes may include, or may be, intelligent solid-state drives capable of executing Map-Reduce functions. The use of intelligent solid-state drives reduces the need to exchange data with a CPU in a server.

A method of performing audio synthesis is disclosed in patent no. 8,816,180. An audio event is input to an audio algorithm along with associated parameters including source sample data. An interpolation function is provided and the source sample data are interpolated to generate one or more interpolated samples based on the source sample data. A filter function is provided and at least one of the interpolated samples is filtered to generate a filtered sample. A gain function is provided and the filtered sample is processed to generate a gained sample. At least one of the interpolation, filter, and gain functions include outputting an earlier-calculated value along with an estimated difference value in lieu of calculating a new value.

The invention no. 8,755,515 introduces a system and method for processing a plurality of channels, for example audio channels, in parallel is provided. For example, a plurality of telephony channels are processed in order to detect and respond to call progress tones. The channels may be processed according to a common transform algorithm. Advantageously, a massively parallel architecture is employed, in which operations on many channels are synchronized, to achieve a high efficiency parallel processing environment. The parallel processor may be situated on a data bus, separate from a main general purpose processor, or integrated with the processor in a common board or integrated device. All, or a portion of a speech processing algorithm may also be performed in a massively parallel manner.

Finally, in patent no. 8,731,203, methods, systems and apparatuses for securing a secret are disclosed. One method includes receiving a secret from the user and generating encrypted shares based on the secret, a policy, and a plurality of public keys. The encrypted shares are provided to a custodian, wherein the custodian verifies that the encrypted shares can be used to reconstitute the secret upon receiving the encrypted shares.

If you have an interesting patent to share when we next feature patents related to Signal Processing for Big Data, or if you are especially interested in a signal processing research field that you would want to be highlighted in this section, please send email to Csaba Benedek (benedek.csaba AT sztaki DOT mta DOT hu).


Number: 8,856,936
Title: Pervasive, domain and situational-aware, adaptive, automated, and coordinated analysis and control of enterprise-wide computers, networks, and applications for mitigation of business and operational risks and enhancement of cyber security
Inventors:  P. Datta Ray, A. Kumar, C. Reed; Christopher, A.P. Agarwal
Issued:  October  7, 2014
Assignee:  Albeado Inc. (Saratoga, CA)

Number: 8,819,335
Title:  System and method for executing map-reduce tasks in a storage device
Inventors: N.  Salessi and J. Alcantara
Issued:  August 26, 2014
Assignee:  NXGN Data, Inc.

Number: 8,816,180
Title:  Systems and methods for portable audio synthesis
Inventors: A. Georges, V. Damevski, P.M. Blair, C. Laffitte and Y. Wenzinger
Issued:  August 26, 2014
Assignee:  MediaLab Solutions Corp. (Marshall, TX)

Number: 8,755,515
Title:  Parallel signal processing system and method
Inventors: W. Wu
Issued:  June 17, 2014

Number: 8,731,203
Title:  Securing a secret of a user
Inventors: R.P. D'Souza
Issued:  May  20, 2014
Assignee:  AlephCloud Systems, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)

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