Call for Officer Nominations: Vice President-Technical Directions

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Call for Officer Nominations: Vice President-Technical Directions

Rabab Ward
Chair, SPS Nominations and Appointments Committee


In accordance with the provision of Bylaw 303, the Nominations and Appointments Committee hereby solicits your nominations for the following position: Vice President-Technical Directions.  Please send your nominations to Theresa Argiropoulos, SPS Senior Manager, Operations, via t.argiropoulos@ieee.orgNominations must include candidate name, contact information, IEEE member number, as well as a brief biography and information about current SP, IEEE, or other Society volunteer activities.  Nominations must be received no later than 12 FEBRUARY 2018.  Full details can be found on the web at

VICE PRESIDENT-TECHNICAL DIRECTIONS (Term: 1 January 2019-31 December 2021)

The Vice President-Technical Directions is a voting member of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee; Chairs the Technical Directions Board and acts as a liaison to the Board of Governors for the Technical Committee’s activities. He/she is an ex-officio member of all the Society’s Technical Committees.

The duties of the Vice President-Technical Directions is to oversee the activities of the Society’s technical community, as embodied in its Technical Committees, in order to improve the Society’s technical profile within and outside IEEE; to assist the Society in identifying emerging technologies at the nexus of signal processing; and to proactively engage the Society’s members in strengthening the technical mission of the Society as defined in its Field of Interest.

NOTE: The Vice President-Technical Directions may have previously served as an elected Technical Committee Chair, and may have served in one or more of the following positions: General Chair or Technical Chair of ICASSP or ICIP; Editor-in-Chief of a Signal Processing Society sponsored publication.


As per Bylaw 303.2, the Vice President-Technical Directions position serves three years in office. Individuals holding the aforementioned position may serve more than one term on the Board of Governors; however, such terms in a single office shall not be consecutive. All individuals who are elected will serve during the remainder of 2018 as Officers-elect (ex-officio, non-voting), and may attend all meetings of the Board they have been elected to chair, working with the incumbent to learn the requirements of the position.


Submission of Nominations:

Please send your nominations by e-mail to Theresa Argiropoulos via t.argiropoulos@ieee.orgNOMINATIONS WILL CLOSE ON 12 FEBRUARY 2018, to facilitate the activities of the Nominations and Appointments Committee prior to creation and distribution of the ballot.

FOR EACH CANDIDATE RECEIVING TWO OR MORE NOMINATIONS, the Nominations and Appointments Committee shall obtain, in writing from the nominee, a statement confirming willingness to serve, if elected. Individuals who so agree will be required to provide a brief biography, a photo and a candidate statement of interest of up to 500 words stating the nominee’s vision for the position.

Please note that in order for a nominee to move forward in the nomination stage, two nominations must be received for a single candidate, but one nomination must be from a member of the Board of Governors. Individuals may self-nominate provided that two other appropriate nominators second the self-nomination. Board members are responsible for generating a second for their nominee.

When making your nomination, please provide the following information:

* Name of Candidate:
* Candidate Contact Information: (address, phone, fax, e-mail)
* IEEE Member Number
* Brief Background of the Individual including information about Current SP, IEEE, or Other Society Volunteer Activities (biography style).


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