Special Issue on Cyber Security in Aerospace Systems from IEEE AES Magazine

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Special Issue on Cyber Security in Aerospace Systems from IEEE AES Magazine

Yang Li

Cyber security is an increasing worry on many fronts, but typical discussions and headlines focus on very different types of threats than those experienced by aviation and space systems. Cyber security vulnerabilities compromise the control, traffic, navigation, and integrity of these systems. Countermeasures involve not only specialized systems and architectures, but often international cooperation, as the need for awareness extends well beyond the boundaries of a single aircraft. The global impact of aviation and aerospace, in both manned and unmanned systems, the dramatic safety issues involved, and its aging legacy processes and systems, lead to particularly complex, multi-level, but interdependent, systems of air, land and space.

The two-part Special Issue on Cyber Security in Aerospace for the IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Magazine is published in January 2018. Five articles comprise part I of Special Issue on Cyber Security in Aerospace for the IEEE Aerospace & Electronics Systems Magazine, with part 2 of 2 scheduled for February 2018.

A major goal of this effort was to channel the special expertise and interests of the panel into a collaboration that provides an important technical perspective not well addressed in other cyber security related efforts and publications. The purpose is to showcase practical efforts and meaningful security insights for these very complex systems, along with some new results and some proposals on solutions.

The five articles of the part I cover this important topic in terms of multiple levels and systems and represent truly international collaborations and perspectives on cyber security for aerospace, avionics, and air traffic management. 

Table of Contents:

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