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Publications News

Learn about Ethics and Autonomous Systems in Ronald C. Arkin's article in Proceedings of the IEEE.

Memory is one of the three key factors for cognitive dynamic systems. A paper titled A Comprehensive Study of the Past, Present, and Future of Data Deduplication, published in the Proceedings of the IEEE Sep. 2016, provides a comprehensive survey of the state of the art in data deduplication technologies for storage systems, covering key technologies, main applications, open problems, and future research directions.

The June 2016 special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE addresses the importance of GNSS technology in our life and reflect on its ubiquitous use in service infrastructures. Specifically, it focusses on various types of jammers and analyzes their effects on different processing stages and overall GNSS receiver performance

The idea of representing a signal as a vector living in some linear vector space has borne tremendous fruit in signal processing: this viewpoint provides an encompassing framework for classical least-squares and subspace-based signal processing, and a language with which to model a signal’s structural properties.

The goal of the Special Issue of SPM on Brain Signal Analytics May 2016 is to bring together a diverse but complementary set of tutorial/review articles demonstrating the importance of incorporating signal processing strategies into the advances in neuroimaging techniques, data analytics, and modeling for brain function.

Many modern signal processing (SP) methods rely very strongly on probability and statistics tools to solve problems; for example, they use stochastic models to represent the data observation process and the prior knowledge available and they obtain solutions by performing statistical inference (e.g., using maximum likelihood or Bayesian strategies).

Biomedical signals have been widely used in the clinical setting for diagnostics, guiding therapy, patient monitoring, disease prevention, and risk assessment. The special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE in Feb. 2016 comprises 12 reviews that address challenges in applicative biomedical contexts by emphasizing the relevance of the methodological problem, the clinical importance of extracted information, and the possibility for future technological developments.

Big data has burst into public awareness over the past few years as people have become more and more aware of the massive amount of data being produced by social and scientific activities, and its potential utilization for good or harm. This special issue on "Big Data: Theoretical Aspects", published in Proceedings of the IEEE Jan. 2016, highlights a number of algorithmic approaches that are fundamental to data analysis, both in formulating and solving problems.

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