SPS Webinar: 10 October 2022 - IEEE JSTSP article on Compressed Sensing

Date: October 10, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM ET (New York Time)
Title: Media Forensics and DeepFakes: An Overview
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With the rapid progress of recent years, techniques that generate and manipulate multimedia content can now provide a very advanced level of realism. The boundary between real and synthetic media has become very thin. On the one hand, this opens the door to a series of exciting applications in different fields such as creative arts, advertising, film production, video games. On the other hand, it poses enormous security threats.
Software packages freely available on the web allow any individual, without special skills, to create very realistic fake images and videos. These can be used to manipulate public opinion during elections, commit fraud, discredit or blackmail people. Therefore, there is an urgent need for automated tools capable of detecting false multimedia content and avoiding the spread of dangerous false information.
This talk aims to present an analysis of the methods for visual media integrity verification, that is, the detection of manipulated images and videos. Special emphasis will be placed on the phenomenon of deepfakes and on modern data-driven forensic methods to fight them. The analysis will help highlight the limits of current forensic tools, the most relevant issues, the upcoming challenges, and suggest future directions for research.


Sabyasachi Ghosh

Dr.  Luisa Verdoliva (M’14-SM’17-F’21) is Associate Professor of Telecommunications with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University Federico II of Naples, Italy. In 2018, she was a visiting professor at Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) and in 2019-2020, she was a visiting scientist at Google AI in San Francisco.
She has been TP Chair of the 2019 IEEE Workshop in Information Forensics and Security, general co-Chair of the 2019 ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security and TP Chair of this same Workshop in 2021. She is co-Chair of the IEEE Workshop on Media Forensics at CVPR since 2020 and is area Chair at IEEE ICIP since 2017. She is on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security and IEEE Signal Processing Letters. She is Chair of the IEEE Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee and IEEE SPS Representative on the IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine Editorial Board.
Dr. Verdoliva’s scientific interests are in the field of image and video processing, with main contributions in the area of multimedia forensics and deepfakes. She is the recipient of the 2018 Google Faculty Award for Machine Perception and a TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship (2020-2023).