Recent Patents in Signal Processing - October 2010

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Recent Patents in Signal Processing - October 2010

US 7,797,066, "Off-stage control of on-stage digital audio processing", by G. Lengeling and N. Gerteis, filed 13 October 2006, issued 14 September 2010, assigned to Apple, Inc. (Cupertino, CA).

US 7,792,220, "Demodulator system and method", by J. Alderson, D. Tinker and K. Ifesinachukwu, filed 19 December 2006, issued 7 September 2010, assigned to Sigmatel, Inc. (Austin, TX).

US 7,791,607, "Systems and methods for integrating graphic animation technologies in fantasy sports contest applications", by P. Hughes and D. Barber, filed 16 June 2009, issued 7 September 2010, assigned to Rovi Technologies Corporation (Santa Clara, CA).

US 7,789,305, "System and method of voting via an interactive television system", by J. Howcroft and K. Piatt, filed 8 September 2006, issued 7 September 2010, assigned to AT&T Intellectual Property L.P. (Reno, NV).

US 7,787,975, "Restoring audio signals", by G. Garcia, filed 26 May 2005, issued 31 August 2010, assigned to Berkley Integrated Audio Software, Inc. (Petaluma, CA).

US 7,787,974, "Independent source recording", by C. Blair and R. Heap, filed 16 May 2005, issued 31 August 2010, assigned to Verint Americas, Inc. (Melville, NY).

US 7,787,973, "Generating a composite media stream", by J. Lambert, filed 29 December 2004, issued 31 August 2010, assigned to Clear Channel Management Servies, Inc. (San Antonio, TX).

US 7,787,972, "Server based gaming system and method for selectively providing one or more different tournaments", by G. Schlottmann, J. Graham, B. Wolf, A. Baerlocher, R. Schneider, C. Iddings, V. Manfredi and M. MacVittie, filed 8 June 2007, issued August 31 2010, assigned to IGT (Reno, NV).

Interested in sharing a recent patent you know? Please contact Associate Editor Dr. Shantanu Rane at <rane AT> with the patent information related to signal processing. We are particularly interested in patents by SPS members issued within the past six months.

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