Recent Patents in Signal Processing - December 2010

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Recent Patents in Signal Processing - December 2010

US 7,822,498, "Using a loudness-level-reference segment of audio to normalize relative audio levels among different audio files when combining content of the audio files", by W. Charoenruengkit, F. Fado and K. Nguyen, filed 10 August 2006, issued 26 October 2010, assigned to IBM Corporation (Armonk, NY).US 7,822,210, "Configurable recursive digital filter for processing television audio signals", by M. Barnhill, filed 16 August 2005, issued 26 October 2010, assig
ned to THAT Corporation (Milford, MA).US 7,820,900, "System and method for sound recognition", by K. Lemons, filed 21 April 2008, issued 26 October 2010, assigned to Master Key, LLC (Indianapolis, IN).
US 7,818,184, "Patient medical fluid parameter data processing system", by M. Penny, A. Alpert and R. Monteleone filed 10 April 2003, issued 19 October 2010, assigned to Draeger Medical Systems, Inc. (Andover, MA).US 7,818,077, "Encoding spatial data in a multi-channel sound file for an object
in a virtual environment", by K. Bailey, filed 6 May 2004, issued 19 October 2010, assigned to Valve Corporation (Bellevue, WA).
US 7,818,076, "Method and apparatus for multi-system remote surgical navigation from a single control center", by R. Viswanathan, filed 7 February 2007, issued 19 October 2010, assigned to Stereotaxis, Inc. (St. Louis, MO).
US 7,813,823, "Computer audio system and method", by A. Torrini, K. Shkolnyy and
A. Wheeler filed 17 January 2006, issued 12 October 2010, assigned to Sigmatel, I
nc. (Austin, TX).
US 7,809,452, "Delay management of presentation output system and method", by O. Logvinov, M. Macaluso and B. Ebert filed 23 February 2006, issued 5 October 2010, assigned to Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Little Neck, NY) and Arkados, Inc. (North Plainfield, NJ).

US 7,840,818, "System, method, and device for playing back recorded content", by F. Sabet-Sharghi, B. Qawami and R. C. Chang, filed 6 December 2001, issued 23 November 2010, assigned to SanDisk Corporation (Milpitas, CA).

US 7,840,288, "Player ranking with partial information", by T. Graepel and R. Herbrich, filed 17 February 2006, issued 23 November 2010, assigned to Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA).

US 7,840,112, "Gradually degrading multimedia recordings", by R. R. Rao, filed 8 October 2003, issued 23 November 2010, assigned to Intel Corporation (Santa Calara, CA).

US 7,826,911, "Automatic selection of representative media clips", by V. Bennett, filed 30 November 2005, issued 2 November 2010, assigned to Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA).

US 7,822,783, "Programmable method and apparatus for real-time adaptation of presentations to individuals", by J. Carrabis, filed 21 March 2008, issued 26 October 2010, assigned to J. Carrabis and S. Carrabis. (Nashua, NH).

Interested in sharing a recent patent you know? Please contact Associate Editor Dr. Shantanu Rane at <rane AT> with the patent information related to signal processing. We are particularly interested in patents by SPS members issued within the past six months.

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