Competition Heats Up To Fill European Tech Jobs

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Competition Heats Up To Fill European Tech Jobs

Intel expects to hire about 1000 software engineers in 2012, with most of them based in Poland, Finland, France, Romania, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Google, which added about 500 engineers and computer scientists in Europe in 2011, plans to hire hundreds more this year, in the U.K., Dublin, Zurich, Poland, Hamburg, and Munch.

European Aeronautics, Defense & Space (EADS), which is partially owned by the governments of Germany, France, and Spain, says it is looking for more than 2000 engineers and IT professionals in France, nearly 2000 in Germany, and about 500 in Spain and the UK—about the same numbers EADS hired in 2011.

Siemens also has big hiring plans this year. In Germany alone, there are some 6000 new job openings at Siemens.

Cambridge, UK-based ARM lists about 126 engineering job openings to staff its design centers and sales and support offices across Europe.

Interestingly, high unemployment and economic stagnation across Europe seems to have had little impact on hiring qualified engineers across most of the 27 EU member states. To know more, please read the article entitled “Competition Heats Up To Fill European Tech Jobs“ at IEEE jobsite.

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