57 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member

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57 Signal Processing Society Members Elevated to Senior Member

The IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) is honored to announce the elevation of 57 of its members to the grade of IEEE Senior Member. These members have demonstrated outstanding professional performance, exhibited professional maturity through long-term experience, and established themselves as leaders in their respective IEEE-designated fields of interest. Senior Member is the only membership grade that is eligible to be nominated for IEEE Fellow. The new Senior Members of the IEEE Signal Processing Society are:

Dr. Kohtaro Asai
Dr. Andreas Austeng
Dr. Robert Baxter
Dr. Harish Bhaskar
Dr. Stephane Blouin
Dr. Christos Bouganis
Dr. Remy Boyer
Dr. Toby Breckon
Dr. Anthony Carlis
Dr. Mujdat Cetin
Dr. Zhi Chen
Dr. Angelo Coluccia
Dr. Paolo Crippa
Dr. Elisabeth De Carvalho
Dr. Jaydip Desai
Dr. Dharmasa Dharmasa
Dr. Leandro Di Persia
Dr. Bracy Elton
Dr. Gil Engel
Dr. Lu Fang
Dr. Franklin Fanning
Dr. Fatemeh Fazel
Dr. Adam Gorzelanczyk
Dr. Zoran Ivanovski
Dr. Wen Ji
Dr. Shawn Johnson
Dr. Vassilis Kekatos
Dr. Jakob Juul Larsen
Dr. Chunming Li

Dr. Ming Li
Dr. Andrew Lovitt
Dr. Siwei Lyu
Dr. Yide Ma
Dr. Jorge Marquez
Dr. Marco Martalo
Dr. Gayatri Mirajkar
Dr. Rafael Nunez
Dr. Suresh Kumar Ram
Dr. Abolfazl Razi
Dr. Emanuele Salerno
Dr. Mina Sartipi
Dr. Daniel Savio
Dr. Enzo Pasquale Scilingo
Dr. Juergen Seiler
Dr. Ervin Sejdic
Dr. Jan Simsa
Dr. Sabato Siniscalchi
Dr. Olivier Siohan
Dr. Sundararajan Srinivasan
Dr. Martin Toeltsch
Dr. Petr Toman
Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy
Dr. Joao Vilela
Dr. Karlton Wirsing
Dr. Jixing Yao
Dr. Gilberto Zamora
Dr. Guodong Zhao

A complete list of SPS Senior Members can be accessed here.

IEEE Senior Members receive an array of benefits, including, but not limited to, professional recognition and notoriety, a plaque, coupons for IEEE membership, eligibility to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions, and the ability to serve as a reference for other Senior Member applicants.

For more information on IEEE membership grades and elevation, please visit the IEEE Member Grade Elevation Web page.

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