Contests in Signal Processing and Machine Learning

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Contests in Signal Processing and Machine Learning

During the last couple of months a few new Signal Processing and Machine Learning contests were initiated. Some of the ongoing ones with a strong relation to Signal Processing include:

From the domain of public health, there is a Kaggle contest asking to predict when a hand is grasping, lifting, and replacing an object using EEG data that was taken from healthy subjects as they performed these activities. Restoring a patient's ability to perform these basic activities of daily life with a brain-computer interface (BCI) prosthetic device would greatly increase the independence and quality of life for patience with neurological disability. Better understanding the relationship between EEG signals and hand movements is critical to developing a BCI device that would give patients with neurological disabilities the ability to move through the world with greater autonomy.

From the domain of construction engineering, there is a Kaggle contest were participants are challenged to combine the characteristics of each tube assembly with supplier pricing dynamics in order to forecast a quote price for each tube. Currently, Caterpillar relies on a variety of suppliers to manufacture these tube assemblies, each having their own unique pricing model. This competition provides detailed tube, component, and annual volume datasets, and challenges you to predict the price a supplier will quote for a given tube assembly.

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